Monday, February 7, 2011

Gerry in Hawaii

Happy Monday friends!

So I, Prattle, was surfing the web yesterday and came across some pictures that were taken in Hawaii of Gerry. And of course I was there with him, but the pappz cropped me out of the pictures and did not include me in the article..Pfft.. *flips the bird at the photographers*

I'll take you through our day.

Yes, we finally roll out of bed around 11am.. ahhh, lazy mornings in bed with Gerry are what dreams are made of. I woke up with him spooning against me and his arm over my hip. He's a very warm sleeper, you don't need a heater on with Gerry in the room! His chest hair tickled my back something delicious.. *wiggles eyebrows and grins*

Scuttlebutt: Are you sure that was his chest hair?
Prattle: Yes, but he did bring a banana to bed...what's up with that?
Scuttlebutt: Um... I dont know. Maybe you should ask HIM about it... *snickers*

We have a breakfast of fresh local fruit, which of course he fed me from his own fingers. Such a romantic..

Scuttlebutt: I hope he at least washed his hands before feeding you...
Prattle: Of course he did, when we were in the shower together! Mmm...wet Gerry = wet Prattle.
Scuttlebutt: I dont think you really need the shower to get wet... do ya now? *smirks*

He decides to go paddle boarding but can't decide what to wear. I remind him that everyone looks good in black, so he picks the black board shorts. I'd rather he stay in his birthday suit, but that happy trail teaser is something isn't it?!? I run my fingers through his hair one more time before putting mine in braids.

Scuttlebutt: I dont think his birthday suit would be such a great idea... think of the chaos it would cause at the beach... *rolls eyes*


We take a break from paddling and talk about our evening plans. And lets just say it's a good thing I'm in the water, looking at those abs, and those thighs. And thinking of running my hands over his shoulders.... *shudders in a VERY good way*

Scuttlebutt: Uh huh...
Prattle: *wink*


I have to focus or fall off my board! We play in the water a while longer and then I can't help myself, I have to touch him again!! We spend the rest of the day in "aerobic activity" behind closed doors... hehehe... *winks*

Scuttlebutt: Dont you mean... focus or fall off my BED since you were daydreaming??
Prattle: Pfft! Whatever! LOL!

So there you have it, what really happened When Gerry and I took a trip to Hawaii last week.



*blows kisses*