Thursday, June 9, 2011

GOOD NEWS!!! And juicy chicken

FINALLY so Prattle has good news! Only took 9 months! Lol

Prattle: Hubby found a job!

Scuttlebutt: that is really great honey! Congratulations!! What kind of work did he get?

Prattle: in a warehouse he's going to be sweating all day! He works at a place where they make CD’s and he will be a “go between" for the printing and graphics department, I think they will end up teaching him how to run the printing machine eventually. But more importantly though... I'LL HAVE THE AFTERNOONS AND FRIDAY'S TO MYSELF AGAIN! LOL! hehehe! ;)

Scuttlebutt:This is really great Amber! I'm happy for you and for him too.

Prattle: Ok, new subject.... have you seen the Breaking Dawn trailer yet??

Scuttlebutt: I saw the bd trailer but I don’t know what I think about that and also it doesn’t make me swoon or "awww" or anything at all. What about you?

Prattle: I’m anxious to see the wedding; I love weddings being romatical and all.... and the honeymoon/baby making! lol

Scuttlebutt: lol

Prattle: I’m sure it will stop when they realize she's pregnant I don’t know where they will divide the book

Scuttlebutt: I will be happy about the second part of the movie. Right after the pregnant thing

Prattle: yes, I told hubby that will be a better one for him to see...all the fighting

Scuttlebutt: I want to see Bella as a vamp too, but honestly I am more excited about the harry potter movie than about this one

Prattle: and crush...uh....whatshisname…kellan's arm in arm wrestling! I can’t remember the character name!! I’m about excited for both Breaking Dawn and Harry Potter

Scuttlebutt: Prattle, you can't remember the character name? Emmet...

Prattle: yeah that’s it...whoops…bad twilight fan, bad…

Scuttlebutt: and really, I am more excited about hp and I am also excited about the hunger game movie and even more about the city of bones movie! jaceeeeeeeeeee!

Prattle: I hope in BD they do a good job with Rosalie and Jake with all the dog comments... Hunger game? What’s that?

Scuttlebutt: see? Second part of the book! The dog comments

Prattle: yeah *rolls eyes* I know!

Scuttlebutt: you don’t know hunger games?

Prattle: no

Scuttlebutt: huh, it’s very popular over there. It’s a book series and they will turn it into a movie as well it has nothing to do with vamps/wolfs/witches though.

hunger games

Prattle: but no creatures???? :( I love creatures....

Scuttlebutt: nope! Nada, it’s a futuristic book

Prattle: aah

Scuttlebutt: it’s in USA in the future

Prattle: interesting!

Scuttlebutt: all people are starving

Prattle: I can see that.... we're greedy little monsters

Scuttlebutt: and a company is arranging games where children from 12-18 are chosen to participate in a survival game, he who wins... wins. Oh and they broadcast it over TV...

Prattle: like gamer?


(prattle has to get her Gerry pic in..) :D

Scuttlebutt: kinda

Prattle: only different?

Scuttlebutt: but with kids

Prattle: no Gerry? Lol! Boohoo

Scuttlebutt: lol

Prattle: I need a good Gerry fix...haven't had one in a while... Noooooooo!

Scuttlebutt: I can’t read that!

Prattle: why not? you know english!

Scuttlebutt: it won’t open

Prattle: pfft...i'll try again! I sent an email...

Scuttlebutt: I can read that

Prattle: :)

Scuttlebutt: lol… silly bean

Prattle: yep...

Scuttlebutt: oh! Ashley Greene is Alice!

Prattle: yes! Duh!

Scuttlebutt: well his taste in women is good

Prattle: yeah

Scuttlebutt: I mean Ashley Greene, Jessica Biel, and Prattle

Prattle: he likes the young.... lol! bwahahahaah! Well then I am SO out of the running.... I could be their mother! Or their mother’s not so younger sister...

Scuttlebutt: their mother but not his :)

Prattle: hehe!

Scuttlebutt: you know in Greece we say that the old chicken has the juice... bwahahahaah!

Prattle: has the juice??? I’m afraid of that comment!

Scuttlebutt: lmao! When you cook a chicken…when it is too young it won’t have much juices, but the old chicken does! lmao

Prattle: huh... so I’m going to be cooked? Because the bed will be ON FIRE?

Scuttlebutt: uh huh

Prattle: hahhahahahahahaha!

Scuttlebutt: and then he will have to eat you too *wink*

Prattle: YES! Win!!!! Can’t waste good juicy chicken...

Scuttlebutt: exactly! Hehe!

Prattle: oh my.... ;)

Scuttlebutt: :D

Prattle: funny stuff... that is something I will never forget...the old chicken has the juice... that's great

Scuttlebutt: usually there are similar saying among languages I guess u don’t have any similar?

Prattle:… but, we were founded by religious puritans and convicts sent from, as freaky as we are in private there are no sayings like that!

Scuttlebutt: I see :)

Prattle: I think I like your culture better... maybe I’m Greek on the inside!

Scuttlebutt: maybe u were in ur past life

Prattle: I think yes... ;)