Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun facts!

Good morning Ms. Scuttlebutt!

I read about some fun facts on OMG Facts and I wanted to share them with you and our readers!

Did you know that...

If you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib. If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die.


Scuttlebutt: Well... not helping!! Should I sneeze or shouldn't I sneeze?? Humm.. How can I control how hard I sneeze? And what if I hold my sneeze back to not sneeze too hard and I rupture a blood vessel?? *panicks* Aaaaaaahhhh!!! *throws hands up in the air and runs away screaming*

Prattle:I would suggest sneezing, much better to fracture a rib than rupture a blood vessel! And as long as you don't have osteoporosis (bone density loss) your ribs should be fine. So get pletny of calcium and sneeze to your hearts content!

You can't kill yourself by holding your breath. You will pass out, and your body will tell you too breathe.


Scuttlebutt: One of the many smart defense mechanisms of the human body! *wink*

Prattle: I used to do this when I was 2...

Scuttlebutt: You used to do what when you were 2??

Prattle: Hold my breath!

Scuttlebutt: *looks at you incredulously* Why???

Prattle: I don't know! I was 2!

Scuttlebutt: LOL! Oh me...

Prattle: Probably wasn't getting my way...

Peter the Great had his wife's lover executed and his head put into a jar of alcohol. She had to keep it in the bedroom.

Scuttlebutt: *shivers* I think she got the point after that.. Huh?

Prattle: I bet she didn't have sex in the bedroom after that, strictly on the couch.

Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not see purely in black and white. They are actually only red-green colorblind. They see colors similar to as humans do during twilight.


Scuttlebutt: Now I see why my doggie loves her pink collar so much! Heh!

Prattle: I like the colors at Twilight too. And the book.

Scuttlebutt: See? Everything Twilight related is good! How did I come to that point now..? Hmm...

Coca-Cola would be green if colouring wasn't added to it.

Scuttlebutt: That would be a fun color to drink! *grins*

Prattle: Well that would explain how it can take the corrosion off of a car battery. My niece did a science experiment with Coke and a tooth. The tooth was gone in 3 weeks. *wiggles "mom" finger* Brush your teeth!

A woman's vagina is cleaner than the human mouth.

Scuttlebutt: You know... any woman could use that as an excuse for... *cough*

Prattle: *innocent eyes* Whatever could you be talking about??

For every person in New Zealand, there are 3 sheep.


Scuttlebutt: Well, you know what they say about New Zealanders *snickers and runs for cover*

Prattle: "baaaa!" that was sheeptalk for "run sheep, run!"

Scuttlebutt: *laughing my fucking ass off*

Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark.


Scuttlebutt: That was a smart invention then! *grins* For those who DON'T know... he practically invented the light bulb!

Prattle: Me too. I don't like walking into a dark room, I want to turn the light on first.

Scuttlebutt: Well hurray for Thomas Edison then!

Yawning is quite contagious. 55% of people will yawn within 5 minutes following seeing someone else yawn. Thinking, seeing and reading about yawning can all cause you to actually yawn. Just reading this may make you yawn!

Scuttlebutt: *yawns*

Prattle: I don't know about *yawn* that.

It is illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket in Kentucky. Even though this may seem like a weird law the reason this became a law was because people would do this to steal horses.

Scuttlebutt: Here Dolly!!! Come on girl!

Prattle: Well, that's Kentucky for ya.. *the hoosier giggles*

Scuttlebutt: *looks at you in a idontknowwhatyoumeaniamgreek way*

Female koala bears have two vaginas. Male koala bears have a bifurcated (i.e. forked) penis.


Scuttlebutt: Two vaginas????? Double pleasure then? *grins* That reminds me of Gingers post today. *giggles and points to

Prattle: WTF???? Wow... *makes note to visit Ginger's post once coffee is in the veins*

When a pig orgasms, it lasts for half an hour.

Scuttlebutt: What if the pig had two vaginas too??? Woah!

Prattle: I've heard this before.. I might go insane!

Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over million descendants.

Scuttlebutt: Seems that we should change the expression from "Doing it like bunnies" to "Doing it like rats". Hehe...

Prattle: good point Dear Scuttle, *nods head* good point...

That's it from our side dear friends :)

Any questions, comments, suggestions?

Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hush, hush...

Hello there friends!!

Today we'll talk about ... "Hush, hush" by Becca Fitzpatrick.


Here is the description...

For Nora Grey, romance was not part of the plan. She's never been particularly attracted to the boys at her school, no matter how much her best friend, Vee, pushes them at her...until Patch comes along.
With his easy smile and eyes that seem to see inside her, Nora is drawn to him against her better judgment, but after a series of terrifying encounters, Nora's not sure whom to trust. Patch seems to be everywhere she is, and to know more about her than her closest friends. She can't decide whether she should fall into his arms or run and hide. And when she tries to seek some answers, she finds herself near a truth that is far more unsettling than anything Patch makes her feel.
For Nora is right in the middle of an ancient battle between the immortal and those that have fallen - and when it comes to choosing sides, the wrong choice will cost her life.

Scuttlebutt: Oh Patch, oh Patch, oh Patch... *sigh*. So Mrs. Prattle... I finished reading "Hush, hush" yesterday. I have some questions...
You think all the fallen angels are hustlers and con - men?

Prattle: It seems they are, kinda freaky if you ask me! I'm not sure what I think of Patch...

Scuttlebutt: Oh I am pretty sure of what I think of Patch *grins*.
Another question... have you visualized Patch or Nora or any other character? I mean, can you see them in your mind? Which Hollywood actor would play these characters if you were casting?

Prattle: I did yes, for the role of Patch I think I would cast Ian Somerhalder. And for Nora? Hm...not sure. What about you, who would you choose?

Scuttlebutt: *screams* IAN SOMERHALDER???? *faints* ... *crawls on chair panting and wiping off drool* I think that is a very good idea... Nora? Umm... Lets see... Me? *grins*

Prattle: What was your favorite part? I think mine was in the hotel! *wiggles eyebrows*

Scuttlebutt: You know, I wanted to talk to you about that! You said there was no sex or whatsoever in this book but I think that some parts are very very sexual... yeahh... the hotel scene... mhmmm... Oh wait, what about the movie theater bathroom scene?? That was a good one too! Where he raised her on the counter..

Prattle: Oh yeah... *nods head* up on the counter...almost Reading about "almost" I think is hotter than reading an actual scene. Leaves more to the imagination, and I've got a great imagination! *evil grin*

Scuttlebutt: I don't think y'all need me to tell you about MY imagination, right? *grins*
So... are all the fallen angels smoking hot like Patch? Where can I find me one?

Prattle: No, remember the one guy was a big burly Scottsman? Hmm... Scottsman... mmm... Gerry... oh, sorry! Where to find one? I guess hang out at pool halls and old time amusement parks near the scary rollercoasters! Make sure your lap bar is secure and keep your hands and feet in the car at all times.

Scuttlebutt: At this point, I'd like to thank our dear friends and affiliates Brenda and Gabs for pointing me in this direction *big smile*. You should visit their blog "Dark in the Light". They are two cool little angels :))

Prattle: Yes yes! Their blog is pretty awesome.. and their tweets are too, they're pretty funny to watch! And the book was good, I enjoyed it! I think my favorite character was Nora's bff...she's kinda "out there" and I can identify!

Scuttlebutt: *cough* Errr... I must say, I think Vee is very annoying and also stupid at some points. She was like totally trying to fix Nora up with Elliott and also went to a deserted school with 2 guys she barely knew to play "hide and seek"???

Prattle: Tada! *jazz hands* yep, that's me! Not really... She was a bimbo, but a fun bimbo..

Scuttlebutt: You, are NOTHING like Vee dear Prattle! *shakes head*. And yes, up until one point she is fun but then... Ugh! I wanted to kick her!

Prattle: Awww, thank you dear Scuttlebutt! *hugs you* and what about the crazy school counselor??? She was completely nutz-o! I liked her!

Scuttlebutt: Well, you know she was... *hands on mouth* Well, I think y'all need to read the book now, dont you?? You definitely should! We loved it!

Let us know what you think!!

Scuttlebutt and Prattle at your service!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Meg, our friend


In memory of a beloved friend.

No matter if she was Reelhimin, Meg, Meggie, reelhot2touch... she was loved.

Sometimes a comedian, sometimes pervy and always our friend.

She believed her friends could do anything, and would support you to the end of the world.

She would put on a bright shiny face for everyone to see, trying to be positive when it was impossible to think she could.

She is loved, she is missed. Our lives have been changed by knowing Meggie.


Chryssa & Amber

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spa Sunday

How to make a Quick Homemade Heating Pad!


By Dawn Peters, eHow Member

Make a Quick Homemade Heating Pad!
If you need a heating pad "now" and don't have time to sew one, then this is perfect for you!


Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need:
uncooked rice (not instant) See list for more filler ideas
Ribbon or string
Tube socks
Freezer bag



Step 1
Simply fill a freezer bag (make sure it's the microwaveable kind) 3/4 full with uncooked rice (NOT instant!), seal shut.

Step 2
Heat for a minute or two then wrap in a hand towel and use as needed.

*optional cooling pad- place in freezer for an hour

You can also fill a clean tube sock, tie closed the open end, heat and use as needed


Filler Suggestion for headache soothers:

Rice and a mix of:

Dried lavender
Rose petals

Mix herbs, spices and essential oil with choice heating pad filler (such as rice) and let sit in a sealed container for a few days (occasionally stirring). This will help set and distribute the fragrance a bit

Also good to keep cats and smaller dogs warm, you might have to share!


Caution: These microwaveable heating pads are glorious to use for aches and pains, or just to pamper yourself after a long, hard day-but be careful when removing from microwave and applying to body. Shake bag first, feel around and make sure it's not too hot and won't burn, especially when using on a child.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Foodie Friday


Prattle has to get ready for her trip to Greece, so here is a great light sauce for all wheat pasta or chicken!


Biggest Loser Main Event Marinara Sauce


olive oil spray
1 cup minced yellow or white onion
2 tbsp freshly minced garlic
1 (28 oz) can crushed tomatoes
1/4 cup water
2 tbsp no salt added tomato paste
2 tsp honey
1 tbsp dried oregano
1 tsp dried basil
1/2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
Salt to taste


Makes 7

Spray medium nonstick saucepan with the olive oil spray and place over medium heat. Add the onion and garlic and cook until just becoming tender (they should not be brown), 4-6 minutes. Reduce the heat to low and with a wooden spoon stir in the tomatoes, water, tomato paste, honey, oregano, basil, and pepper flakes until well combined. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally, for at least 1 hour. Season with salt, of needed.


Serving info from book: 63 calories, 3g protein, 15g carbohydrates, less that 1g fat (trace saturated), 0mg cholesterol, 3g fiber, 156mg sodium.

Number of Servings: 7 (1/2 cup)servings: about 3 1/2 cup sauce

This is a Prattle house favorite, enjoy! *note* be careful with the crushed red pepper flakes, it can be too spicy for some!


Source: Biggest Loser Family Cookbook

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reading his Body language..

Good morning darlings :)

Can't tell whether the object of your affections is into you or not? Some men just have a hard time verbally expressing their feelings, so don't take it out on him.

Kevin Hogan, Psy.D., author of Irresistible Attraction, explains:

"Men are conditioned to suppress their emotions, and as a result they're not as good as women at expressing their feelings,"

Don't fret though, because you can still figure what your man is really trying to say simply by observing their body language:

He turns his chest toward you

If his pecs are turned towards you, it definitely means you're on his radar.
Reason being: evolution and ego. Just like a gorilla commands attention by pounding his chest and roaring, when a guy's upper torso points your way it means he want you to notice his presence.

Scuttlebutt: Something like King Kong *insert gorilla growl here*
Prattle: Me Tarzan, you mine.


He slouches

Once you've engaged your man in conversation, he'll start loosening up and slumping forward, rounding his shoulders in an attempt to look smaller. This makes him seem more approachable as if to say 'I'm on your level, let's connect.' This relaxed stance (otherwise known as "crouching") means he's vulnerable yet comfortable in your presence.

Scuttlebutt: You know... that just reminded me of the dog training DVD i own.. The trainer says that you should always go down to the same level with your dog. *gasps* Does that mean they think they are on a higher level than we are???
Prattle: I know sometimes I prefer doggie company to human company, sometimes they make better friends! A man slumping forward in my conversations means he's about to fall asleep.
Scuttlebutt: Bwaahahahhaaaaaa!!!


He looks slightly shocked

Even if he tries to act nonchalant, chances are that when he's wowed by you it will register on his face. Keep an eye-out for any signs - a slight eyebrow lift and surprised look whilst talking to you. Apparently, this is a subconscious reaction, and that he likes what he sees and wants to take it all in.

Scuttlebutt: I like this one better...
Prattle: He's taking you in with ALL of his eye parts, even the parts that don't "see"!


He fusses over you

Let's say that you're both having a conversation and he suddenly reaches out to brush the hair out of your eyes. This gesture of fussing over you is good sign that he's interested in getting to know you better; and it also gives him an excuse touch you by briefly entering your personal space. Take note of where his hands tend to wander —if his intentions are sincere, he'll respectfully avoid areas like your waist or chest.

Scuttlebutt: I hope he starts respectfully touching these areas after a period of time *smirks*
Prattle: Awwww! Mr. Prattle is pretty touchy-feely. It makes me feel like he's taking care of me.


Keep an eye out for these signs and, before you know it, you'll have your target twisted around your little finger in no time!

Source: Women's Health

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Humpday hottie!

Good morning darlings.

Today's Humpday Hottie is a man we loved, love and will always love.. no matter how old he will get or how many women he will divorce because of another *smirks*.

Put your hands together for Mr. Brad Pitt!!

brad pitt

Brad Pitt was born in 1963 in Oklahoma and raised in Springfield, Missouri.

His mother's name is Jane Etta Hillhouse. His father, William (Bill) Pitt, worked in management at a trucking firm in Springfield. He has a younger brother, Douglas (Doug) Pitt and a younger sister Julie Neal Pitt.

At Kickapoo High School, Pitt was involved in sports, debating, student government and school musicals. Pitt attended the University of Missouri, where he majored in journalism with a focus on advertising. He occasionally acted in fraternity shows. He left college two credits short of graduating to move to California.

Before he became successful at acting, Pitt supported himself by driving strippers in limos, moving refrigerators and dressing as a giant chicken while working for "el Pollo Loco."

He was married to actress Jennifer Aniston for over 5 years (29 July 2000 - 2 October 2005). But you all know that.. right? *grins*

Here is the video our friend and affiliate Theresa aka Rayneattwilight made for us!


Turned down a role as an astronaut in Apollo 13 (1995) to accept his role in Se7en (1995).

Scuttlebutt: I must say I'm happy he did. Cause I really liked him in this movie.
Prattle: Se7en is one of my all time favorite movies, and 12 Monkeys. It was about this time I realized just how weird I am! I'm a girl for crying out loud and these are my favorite movies...and Fight Club.
Scuttlebutt: Err... Se7en and Fight Club are mine too...
I really like psychologically fucked up movies. I don't know why..
Scuttlebutt: Its cause we as Pisces are drawn to the deepest darkest places in ones twisted brain.

Posed for a campus calendar in college.

brad pitt

A girl went to Pitt's Hollywood-area home shortly after midnight Jan. 7, 1999 and crawled in through an open window, dressed herself in his clothes and stayed for 10 hours before the alarm went off. Athena Rolando, 19, was ordered not to contact the actor and to stay 100 yards away from him for three years. [1999]

Scuttlebutt: Little psycho... *snickers thinking how much I'd like to do that to another specific actor but holding back cause I'm still sane... I think*
Prattle: I keep my stalking to the internet :)
Scuttlebutt: Me too. For now. OK, I'm kidding.
Prattle: LOL! For now.
Scuttlebutt: Jensen, you shouldn't be afraid. I live in Greece. You are safe. *grins*
Lucky boy... Hey, how'd this get to be about Jensen??? *grins*
Scuttlebutt: Everything is about Jensen in my head! *smirks*

He was banned from entering China because of his role in "Seven years in Tibet" (1997)

His first starring role in a feature film was in The Dark Side of the Sun (1997), shot in pre-war Yugoslavia during the summer of 1988. As editing neared completion, civil war broke out in the region and much of the footage was lost. In 1996, after a five-year search, all of the lost footage was found and returned to producer Andjelo Arandjelovic, who is working on getting a distribution deal. Pitt was paid $1,523 per week for seven weeks. He played a young American taken by his family to the Adriatic Sea to search for a cure for a rare skin disease.

brad pitt

1994: Given title "Sexiest Man Alive" from People Magazine, after making Legends of the Fall (1994).

Was considered for the lead in The Matrix (1999).

Prattle: Now that's just crazy talk...that would not have worked AT ALL!Keanu made that role..
Scuttlebutt: I know!! Thank God he was just considered..

Has his teeth capped.

Sued Damiani International, the company which created the wedding ring he gave Jennifer Aniston. According to Pitt, the ring was his design and was to be exclusive. The company has since been selling replicas and indicating Pitt/Aniston's endorsement of the ring. [18 July 2001]

He and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston reached a settlement with Damiani International. The pair claimed the company agreed to never reproduce their wedding rings, but it manufactured and sold "Brad and Jennifer" rings in 18 karat white or yellow gold, featuring either 12 or 13 diamonds and costing about $1,000 apiece. Under the settlement, Pitt will now design jewelry for Damiani that Aniston will model in ads, and Damiani will stop selling the Pitt and Aniston copies. [11 January 2002]

Scuttlebutt: Smart move :) Everybody was happy!

After watching Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), Pitt asked director Guy Ritchie if he could be in his next film. He couldn't master the English accent, so Ritchie gave him the role of Mickey the One Punch Pikey, an Irish fighter, in Snatch. (2000).

Tore his Achilles tendon during the production of Troy (2004), in which he plays, ironically, Achilles. His injury caused the production of Ocean's Twelve (2004) to be pushed back to April 2004. [2003]

brad pitt

Is the first man ever to be named "Sexiest Man Alive" twice by "People Magazine." (1994 and 2000).

His high school nickname was Brad the "Pitt-bull."

He took Greek language lessons in secret to surprise his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston who is of Greek ancestry.

Scuttlebutt: Owiiieee my cutie boy!

He and his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston met on a blind date, which was arranged by their agent.

Owns and plays Taylor Guitars.

Broke his arm during the filming of Se7en (1995). The injury was written into the movie.

Adoptive father of Maddox Jolie-Pitt, Zahara Jolie-Pitt and Pax Thien with Angelina Jolie.

Has a Daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt who was born 27 May 2006 in Namibia, Africa and twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline with girlfriend Angelina Jolie.

brad pitt

Wanted to play Darcy in Pride & Prejudice (2004), but wasn't able to work out the filming dates.

Scuttlebutt: Ummm... I have to say I'm happy he didn't cause Matthew McFadyen was DELIGHTFUL and UNFORGETTABLE in this role.. *sighs*
Prattle: I can't see him in this movie. Some things are just meant to not be!

Has Single Engine Land pilot license and occasionally flies a Cessna 208B Caravan belonging to Chivan Productions.

Donated 5 million dollars of his own money to rebuild homes in Katrina-ravaged New Orleans.

Scuttlebutt: *thumbs up* I love it when Hollywood actors do that.
Prattle: I do too, giving back to communities is great!

Ranked #10 in the 2008 Forbes The Celebrity 100 list. His girlfriend, Angelina Jolie, ranked #3.

Scuttlebutt: High ranked couple... and here you can all see the reason why...

brad pitt

Is a Vegetarian.

His salary for the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith was $20,000,000...


Oh... phew... so many movies to choose from... hmmm... we're gonna write down some of our faves and you can always see all of them on

Lets start with the movie that made every woman fall in love with him *grins*

- Thelma and Louise 1991
- A river runs through it 1992
- Interview with the vampire 1994 *sighs* Oh Louis...
- Legends of the Fall 1994 *double sigh*
- Se7en 1995 with Gwyneth Paltrow with whom he had a relationship.
- Twelve Monkeys 1995
- Sleepers 1996
- Seven Years in Tibet 1997
- Meet Joe Black 1998
- Fight Club 1999 together with Edward Norton! Cult movie! *Penguin*

brad pitt

- Snatch 2000
- The Mexican 2001
- Spy Game 2001 together with gorgeous Robert Redford!
- Ocean's Eleven (and 12 and 13) *Prattle loves these too! With the cast, how can you not?*
- Troy 2004 as Achilles *big smile from Scuttlebutt*
- Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2005 where he met his girlfriend Angelina Jolie
- Babel 2006 with beautiful and talented Cate Blanchett *one of Scuttlebutt's fave actresses*
- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 2008 *buttons, (snicker) undo my buttons... Prattle LOVES this movie!*
- Inglourious Basterds 2009 *another Prattle fave*

Brad Pitt was nominated for 2 Oscars. In 2009 for the Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Actor in a Leading Role) and in 1995 for Twelve Monkeys (Actor in a Supporting Role).

He won a Golden Globe Award and a Saturn Award in 1995 for Twelve Monkeys, and also a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture for the movie Inglourious Basterds.

Let us have your comments! Do you love him? You hate him? We certainly L.O.V.E. him :)))

Source: IMDB

Scuttlebutt and Prattle, at your service!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What are you afraid of?


Hey Scuttlebutt,

I found a neat article the other day that talks about phobia's of the Stars!
Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Nicole Kidman, to name a few, tell us what they are most afraid of.

What are you all afraid of? *twirls in vampire cape and laughs an evil laugh*

Johnny Depp has Coulophobia: A fear of clowns. Johnny told The Courier Mail, “I guess I am afraid of them because it’s impossible — thanks to their painted-on smiles, to distinguish if they are happy or if they’re about to bite your face off.”

Daniel Radcliffe also has a great fear of clowns.

Scuttlebutt: I honestly cannot understand the clown fear. I think its pretty funny being afraid of clowns. On the other hand, I haven't read or seen the Stephen King book/movie. *grins* So that could be the reason huh?

Prattle: You HAVE to read that book!! Maybe I'll bring it to you.. *shivers* I agree with Johnny, you never know what they are thinking. Three words - John Wayne Gacy. *goes to turn on all the lights in the house* Great...not sleeping tonight!


Carmen Electra has a fear of water. “I get terrified anywhere near it and have a panic attack,” she confessed to Sky One Magazine.

Scuttlebutt: A general fear of water is really strange. Makes you think if she or somebody close to her drowned or nearly did.

Prattle: If I'm in deep water, where I can't see the bottom, I start to freak out. If I'm on a boat that's different. But if I'm in the water and can't see what is under me I can't stay in for very long. I guess I'm afraid of the "bigger" fish! *grins*

Jennifer Aniston developed a fear of flying after being caught in an electrical storm on a flight from Toronto to New York City.

Scuttlebutt: I can relate to that one. Although I honestly am not afraid of flying.

Prattle: When I take off and land, my blood pressure goes up. *nods head*

Orlando Bloom... is afraid of pigs!

Scuttlebutt: Bwahahahaha!! *rolls on floor holding my belly* Oh dear God. That is truly unbelievable!! How is that possible? Oh!! Hahaha! Imagine me and my Sisters dressed as the 3 little piggies, visiting Orlando!

Prattle: Well that's new.. *grins* I've heard they can be quite mean in the pen, and they bite!


Matthew McConaughey gets all kinds of stressed out around revolving doors.

Scuttlebutt: He certainly got stuck or hit by one when he was little!

Prattle: I have to try not to think about getting stuck in one when I'm in a revolving door.

Justin Timberlake doesn’t confine his fears to just one thing. He lists sharks, spiders and snakes amongst the things he’d never want to encounter.

Scuttlebutt: I think I can relate to that one too.

Prattle: Sharks (the "bigger" fish) and snakes give me the willies too. I'll watch them all day long at the zoo or on National Geographic or the Discovery Channel. Do NOT want to come across them up close and personal!

Sarah Michelle Gellar is extremely afraid of graveyards. According to people who worked with her on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, fake graveyard sets had to be built because she refused to film in graveyards.

Scuttlebutt: Now this one is funny. *giggles* How can you play a fearless Vampire Slayer while being afraid of graveyards? And there is another question. How did the producers chose her to play Buffy after realizing that? I mean, wouldn't it be much cheaper to film in real graveyards then build sets?

Prattle: When I was little my best friend lived beside a graveyard. I hated sleeping over, I always thought a ghost was going to get me or follow me home! Yes I think that building a graveyard set would be safer than going onto a real one, because if the fearless Slayer fell wrong on marble or, heaven forbid Zander or SPIKE! Oh my reasons could go on and on..


Scuttlebutt: *points to graveyard pic* To be honest... I wouldn't go in there either... *shakes head*

Prattle: *whispers and hides behind you* me either

With a fear that makes Orlando’s seem more reasonable, one of the greatest actresses of our time, Nicole Kidman, is terrified of butterflies. “Sometimes when I would come home from school the biggest butterfly or moth you’d ever seen would be just sitting on our front gate. I would climb over the fence or crawl around to the side of the house – anything to avoid having to go through the front gate.”

Scuttlebutt: Watch out!! The gigantic butterfly is coming to swallow you!!!!! Bwahahaha! Oh, I know of a Greek singer who is afraid of birds!!! If anything is flying around her actually, she gets a panic attack! Now on a serious note... this is really bad. Imagine panicking because of a mosquito or a fly... Hmmm...

Prattle: Well now that's just silly! Butterflies...

Scuttlebutt: Oh hey! Lookie here! I've got some flying pigs! we could make both Nicole and Orlando run! *evil laugh*


Scuttlebutt: My fears... hummm... I am very afraid of deep dark waters!! If you wanna kill me, you can just throw me in there. I am sure I'll die of a heart attack. I think that "Jaws" has a lot to do with it. I am afraid not being able to see whats beneath me (in the water that is... *grins*).
Oh, and I could also say that I am afraid of cockroaches! Or should I call it more like a disgust? Hmm... I don't know. In the end I do kill them but I am at the verge of puking or screaming. Oh, sometimes I scream while I kill them. *smirks* Eww... *shivers* I hate hate hate them! *spits*

little girl Prattle and clown

Prattle: I am pretty much afraid of everything. Except butterflies. I'm more afraid of the "what if" scenario especially when it applies to my kids, like when we go to the circus I'm afraid the tigers are going to get loose or I'm going to lose the kids either figuratively or literally. *sighs* I'm a "Nervous Nelly". And I'm afraid of clowns.

What are your fears? Leave us a comment :)


Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday's attack of the nosy neighbor's! Our victim is...

Good morning to y'all!

...but we have a way to make it better *grins*

How about some nosing around in our neighbours backyard? *evil grin*

Today's victim iiiiiiissss.... our dear beloved Reel!

Let the questioning begin!


1. We know what we call you... What would you like us to call you?

I'm called lots of things. As long as you don't call me Megan. I detest the name Megan.

Prattle: Meg Meg bo Beg, banana fanna mo-Meg bee by bo Beg, Meg!

Scuttlebutt: *looks at Prattle like she's lost her mind*

2. How old are you or how old do you want us to think you are?

I will be 35 in a couple of weeks.

Prattle: Another truth teller! Yay for owning your age!

Scuttlebutt: *scowls* I am telling the truth too! *stands up with hand on chest* I just turned 25!!

Prattle: Uh-huh..oh-kay.. Just?

Scuttlebutt: *sticks out tongue* Yes! Just! Wanna see my (fake) ID?

3. When is your Birthday & what is your star sign?

March 11th. I'm a little fishy.

Prattle: My birthday twin! The 11th of March rocks socks…

Scuttlebutt: *looks at you two and scowls*

Prattle: *sticks tongue out at Scuttlebutt then giggles*

Scuttlebutt: *mumbles mockingly* ... the 11th of march rocks socks...


Symbol: The fish, Element: Water, Ruler: Neptune
Characteristics: sensitive, compassionate, imaginative, adaptable, intuitive, idealistic, secretive, vulnerable.
Pisces celebrities: Drew Barrymore, Johnny Cash, Nat King Cole, Cindy Crawford, Albert Einstein, Elizabeth Taylor, George Washington etc.

4. Do you like cats or dogs? And why?

Dogs. Only because the dog that lives near me is rather large and would eat me if I didn't say I liked him better.

Prattle: So far it’s 4-0 in favor of dogs

Scuttlebutt: Yay for the doggies!

5. What is your favorite movie and/or book? The Thorn Birds; it's a book and a mini series.

Prattle: Another I haven’t seen or read… *hangs head*

Scuttlebutt: Isn't it the one with that priest? *grins* Hmm... that reminds me of one certain Father some time ago..

Prattle: *looks around and covers panty-less ass* Who?? *click*

Scuttlebutt: *grabs the paddle* Over there! *click*

6. What countries have you visited? Mexico, Norway, Canada

Prattle: What’s Norway like?

Scuttlebutt: Whats Mexico like? You had lots of Tequila?

Prattle: Loved what I remember of Mexico!

Scuttlebutt: You remember things from Mexico? *grins*

7. Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?

Yes to both.

Prattle: Aaannddd???? Where are they???

Scuttlebutt: Whats with those girls? Just sayin' yes and not revealing anything else? You gotta tell us more Megan! *cough* I mean Meggie-pie...

Prattle: Uh-oh... *ducks head and covers eyes*

8. What super-power would you most like to have, and why?

The ability to teleport. Watch the movie "Jumper". I wouldn't mind teleporting to a certain Canadian's bedroom right now!

Prattle: There you go Ms Scuttlebutt, someone who wants to teleport! Jumper was a good movie *nods head*, and let me guess…Michael J. Fox’s bedroom? *whispers* he’s married you know…

Scuttlebutt: Yes! Meggiebug, but I live in Greece you know. Not Canada :)

Prattle: Yes dear Scuttle, and you don't have a wiener either... *rolls eyes*

Scuttlebutt: I do! We have Wiener's in the store here too! She can eat as much as she likes!

9. Name one thing that not many people know about you.

That I have a black belt in karate. unfortunately for me I didn't have it, when I really needed it.

Prattle: *fake karate kick* Hi-ya! *bad Chinese accent* Your kung-fu is strong *deep bow at the waist*

Scuttlebutt: A black belt? That's awesome! Have you used it on someone??

Prattle: I've used a Vulcan Nerve pinch before...

Scuttlebutt: What on earth is that??

10. Whats the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

Trying to stay positive.

Prattle: you don’t want to break your alarm clock *wide eyes* that’s a new one for us!

Scuttlebutt: I'm sure she does that too.

11. If you could go to one place in the world, where would it be?


Prattle: Oooo, tropical….

Scuttlebutt: Is it nice there? Is it warm?

Prattle: *gets out thesaurus for Scuttle* Yes, tropical is warm.

Scuttlebutt: Klugscheisser...

Prattle: I don't think I like the sound of that young lady. *frowns at you and google's "klugscheisser"* Hey, you asked!

12. Do you prefer shaven ... or unshaven?

Shaven! Oh wait, what parts? Nvm. Shaven!

Prattle: I prefer a shaved man’s face too, yep yep!

Scuttlebutt: *giggles at Prattle*

Prattle: Sma-ooooth

13. On a deserted island, what one thing would you bring?

A hammock. *winks* Ummmm. You did say THING. And not a who!

Prattle: Mwhahahaha! A who can be a thing too…. Hammock, good call!

Scuttlebutt: What is a Hammock? And yes, a who can be a thing too. If you objectify him. *smirks*

Prattle: *flips to the dictionary side of thesaurus* a hammock is a bed/swing that is tied between tree's or stakes. It's made of knotted rope.

Scuttlebutt: Oooooh!!! Yes, a good one. You can avoid crawling creatures by that too! I personally would lie on top of Jensen. *grins*

14. If you could see in black and white and one other color, what whould it be?

Pink. It's cheerful. Makes my day brighter. Yea I know I'm boring.

Prattle: I like pink too, I like sunsets that are tinged with pink!

Scuttlebutt: Yep, me too! Its a girlie color. And what does Pink show regarding the personality dear Ms. Prattle?

Prattle: I'm glad you asked Ms. Scuttlebutt. Pink is the color of universal love. Pink is a quiet color. Lovers of beauty favor pink. A pink carnation means "I will never forget you".
Pink is a combination of red and white. The quality of energy in pink is determined by how much red is present. White is the potential for fullness, while red helps you to achieve that potential. Pink combines these energies.

Scuttlebutt: Are you psychotic? Whats with mentioning PINK twenty times? I know we talk about pink... Sheesh..

Prattle: No, I am not

15. Standing or on all fours?

STANDING! #upagainstthewall

Prattle: You can’t clean your whole floor only #upagainstthewall silly girl! *giggles*

Scuttlebutt: You got a point there Ms. Prattle. She couldn't possibly reach the whole floor from over there.

16. Hard and fast or soft and slow?

Can't I have all 4?

Prattle: Yep, you sure can!

Scuttlebutt: I think that depends of what you're talking about.. For example.. it can't rain hard and fast and soft and slow at once *grins*

17. What is your favorite food to bring to bed - strawberries, chocolate, whip cream?

Chocolate!!! Melted. Dipped. *smirk*

Prattle: Dipped?

Scuttlebutt: Dipped? Aaaahhh...

18. Ever had sex at work??????

Well that depends if "virtual" counts. Coz if it does. well that would be a yes.

Prattle: Dirrrrty girl! *giggles*

Scuttlebutt: Well it seems you are the only one who hadn't had sex at work dear Prattle... *grins*

Prattle: I know, and I'm the perviest of all! What's up with that?? *frowns*

19. What is your favorite curse word?

Oh lord! Do you even have to ask that question? Fuckity fuck fuck.

Scuttlebutt: Potty mouth!

20. What is the funniest or the most awkward sexual experience you've had?

Yikes. Ok. The first time I actually *cough* came while being virtually fucked. I was so surprised that I literally groaned and scared the household. Other than that: Nada. My sex life has never been "funny".

Prattle: *wide eyes* Uhhh…

Scuttlebutt: *snickers* What do you mean by scared??

Prattle: I think she means that her groaning shocked every one awake.. She is a loud one like you dear Scuttle.

Scuttlebutt: *snickers*

Any questions from you guys? *grins*

Ok, so... if you want to be one of our "victims" or you wanna suggest somebody, e-mail us!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spa Sunday

Easy Ways to Catch More ZZZs
Desperate for a good night's sleep? Check out our tips and you could be sleeping better by tonight!


If you've had one or two bad nights lately, you can probably solve the problem by taking some of the measures below. These strategies may require you to change your sleeping habits, but the effort is well worth it in the long run.

1. Make your bedroom a haven for sleep. Your room should be quiet and sufficiently dark, because darkness prompts the pineal gland to produce melatonin, the hormone that regulates circadian rhythms (your 24-hour body clock). Heavy drapes can help keep the light out, and a fan or white-noise machine can help drown out any annoying sounds. Cool temperatures help you sleep, so set your thermostat appropriately. For better air circulation, open a window or use a fan. If the air in the room is too dry, buy a humidifier.

2. Become a creature of habit. A nighttime routine can be very effective in letting your body know when it's time to sleep. Go through whatever rituals help you get mentally prepared for sleep. (Read a few pages of your novel, spend 5 to 10 minutes on personal grooming, meditate, stretch.) It's also critical to go to bed and get up at the same time every day -- even on weekends.

3. Reserve your bed just for sleeping and sex. Avoid working, paying bills, reading, or watching television in bed. If you associate your bed only with sleep, you'll be more likely to fall asleep when you get under the covers for the night.


4. Tame your tummy. Going to bed either hungry or too full can disrupt your sleep. Don't have a big meal too close to bedtime or the digestion process might keep you awake. Also, if you lie down after stuffing yourself you can end up with gastric reflux -- stomach acid backing up into the esophagus. If you're hungry, have a snack rich in carbohydrates, which trigger the release of the brain chemical serotonin, associated with relaxation. Try a graham cracker or bowl of cereal. Pair it with some milk or a slice of turkey, both rich in the amino acid tryptophan, which also induces sleep.

5. Watch the caffeine. Too much caffeine throughout the day, even if it's not consumed right before bedtime, can contribute to fitful slumber. Once you hit 50, your metabolism slows, so caffeine may stay in your system longer -- up to 10 hours. Limit yourself to two cups of tea, coffee, or cola, taken at least 6 hours before bedtime. If that doesn't work, try cutting out caffeine altogether.


6. Tap the exercise answer. It's a simple fact: If you're physically tired at the end of the day, you'll sleep better. In a study from Stanford University School of Medicine, a group of 50- to 76-year-olds who had complained of sleep problems began moderate exercise for about half an hour four times a week. Compared with a similar group of people who didn't exercise, the more active group slept an average of one hour more each night, took less time to fall asleep, spent less time napping, and reported an overall improvement in sleep quality. Outdoor exercise is especially helpful. By exposing yourself to sunlight (particularly in the afternoon), you help prevent midday sleepiness and reinforce your body's circadian rhythms. Exercise at least three hours before bedtime.


7. Soak it up. Take a warm bath an hour or two before bed. Your body temperature will slowly drop after you get out of the tub, making you feel tired. Don't bathe right before bed, however, because it can briefly stimulate you enough to make it hard to fall asleep.


8. Drift off naturally. Investigate the benefits of chamomile, valerian, kava, passionflower, skullcap, catnip, or hops. These herbs can be taken in tea and other forms. A cup of chamomile tea before bedtime may be all you need to relax. If you're trying valerian, the suggested dose for the concentrated form is equal to two to three grams of the root a day. But don't combine valerian with alcohol or mood-regulating drugs. If you're using kava, try a dose of between 60 and 120 mg before bedtime.

9. Don't toss and turn. If 30 minutes go by and you haven't fallen asleep, don't lie in bed feeling frustrated. Get up and do something relaxing, like listening to soothing music or flipping through a magazine. Or make yourself a cup of warm milk.


10. Buy the right bed. A bed that's too soft can cause poor sleep postures (which can also lead to muscle stiffness and back problems). If you're leaving a divot in the mattress when you get up, it's too soft. Replace your mattress if it's more than 10 years old, and buy one that's as firm as you can tolerate but still comfortable.

How do you get your sleeping rhythm back on track?

Scuttlebutt and Prattle, at your service!

source text:
source photos: web

Friday, March 12, 2010

Foodie Friday

Good morning... *grins*

Today for "Foodie Friday" we have something very easy but very special for you!!

Chocolate Lava Cake


So... lets get it started.

The mixture should be enough for 10 servings.


10 oz (280 g) bittersweet chocolate
4/5 cups (180 g) butter
8 eggs
1 + 1/4 cup (275 g) sugar
1 + 1/4 cup (140 g) all purpose flour


Preheat the oven to 350 F (180 C).

Grease 10 large muffin tins or cups or anything you like.

Break the chocolate into small pieces and melt it together with the butter over hot water or a bain marie :)

Beat the eggs with the sugar and then mix it with the flour. Take the melted chocolate mixture and fold it slowly into the mix.

Fill the cups with the mixture and bake at 350 F (180 C) for only 8-12 minutes. Like that, the outer part will be cooked and the inner part will be liquid! Hence the LAVA name *wink*.

Serve it HOT!!

You can dust it with icing sugar, serve it with custard, whipped cream or ice cream!

Mmmmmmm!!!!! Photobucket

Let us know how it went!

Scuttlebutt and Prattle as always... at your services :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Humpday Hottie

I'm wondering if we need an introduction or just post pictures!
It is Rob that brought many of us together as friends... :)

In honor of the release of "Remember Me", this week's Humpday Hottie is.......



Robert Thomas Pattinson was born on May 13, 1986 (star sign Taurus, element: Earth, ruling planets: Venus, Symbol: The Bull, stone: Emerald, Life Pursuit: Emotional and financial security, Vibration: Determined energy, Taurus Secret Desire: To have a secure, happy and wealthy life/marriage.)


Pattinson had supporting roles in the made for television film Ring of the Nibelungs in 2004 and in director Mira Nair’s Vanity Fair, although his scenes in the latter were deleted and only appear on the DVD version. In May 2005, he was slated to appear in the UK premiere of The Woman Before at the Royal Court Theatre, but was fired shortly before the opening night and was replaced by Tom Riley. Later that year he played Cedric Diggory in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. For this he was named that year's British Star of Tomorrow by The Times. He has more than once been touted as the next Jude Law.


Pattinson played Edward Cullen in the movie Twilight, based on Stephenie Meyer's bestselling novel of the same name, which was released on 21 November 2008 in North America. According to TV Guide, Pattinson was initially apprehensive about auditioning for the role of Edward Cullen, fearful that he would not be able to live up to the "perfection" expected from the character. He reprised his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight sequels The Twilight Saga: New Moon and the upcoming Eclipse, which began filming in August 2009 and will be released June 30, 2010.


Pattinson also had lead roles in the feature films Little Ashes (in which he plays Salvador Dalí), How To Be (a British comedy) and the short film The Summer House.
In 2009, Pattinson presented at the 81st Academy Awards. On November 10, Revolver Entertainment released the DVD Robsessed, a documentary which details Pattinson's life and popularity. Pattinson was ranked #10 on The Telegraph's list of the 10 Highest Paid Actors, with earnings of £10 million ($16 million) from the Twilight movies.


In 2010, Pattinson will star as Georges Duroy in a film adaption of the 1885 novel Bel Ami. He will also appear in a theatre production for producer David Pugh. Pattinson also stars in the film Remember Me which will be released March 12, 2010, and is currently in talks to star in a film adaption of the Sara Gruen novel Water for Elephants with Sean Penn and Reese Witherspoon.


And now...what we all wait for on Wednesday.. A "Remember Me" video by our great friend @RayneAtTwilight!


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source photos: web