Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Humpday Hotties!

Prattle: Who do we have today?? OURSELVES! Just as we are, beautiful, curvy and sometimes saggy! Nature does take it's course after a while...

Scuttlebutt: You mean gravity? But how would I know... I'm still 25... and have a body like.... well... um... Kate Moss (not!)!

Prattle: *nods* yes, you will know what i'm talking about in about 10 years.... bwahaha! Kate Moss? Eww..she looks like she can be broken.. Really? The first person you could come up with is Kate Moss?

Scuttlebutt: I had to think fast!! Sheeesh!! Well ok... I'm not thin... I have my curves as well. But I love them (at least now that I sent some of them away... *grins*) and also I know a few men who really appreciate them as well! What is Kate Moss compared to me? Nothing! If she'd stand behind me, no one would be even able to see her! LOL

via Facebook post:


A while back, at the entrance of a gym, there was a picture of a very thin and beautiful woman. The caption was "This summer, do you want to be a mermaid or a whale?"

The story goes, a woman (of clothing size unknown) answered the following way:

"Dear people, whales are always surrounded by friends (dolphins, seals, curious humans), they are sexually active and raise their children with great tenderness.
They entertain like crazy with dolphins and eat lots of prawns. They swim all day and travel to fantastic places like Patagonia, the Barents Sea or the coral reefs of Polynesia.
They sing incredibly well and sometimes even are on cds. They are impressive and dearly loved animals, which everyone defend and admires.


Mermaids do not exist.

But if they existed, they would line up to see a psychologist because of a problem of split personality: woman or fish?

They would have no sex life and could not bear children.
Yes, they would be lovely, but lonely and sad.
And, who wants a girl that smells like fish by his side?

Without a doubt, I'd rather be a whale.

At a time when the media tells us that only thin is beautiful, I prefer to eat ice cream with my kids, to have dinner with my husband, to eat and drink and have fun with my friends.

We women, we gain weight because we accumulate so much wisdom and knowledge that there isn't enough space in our heads, and it spreads all over our bodies.
We are not fat, we are greatly cultivated.
Every time I see my curves in the mirror, I tell myself: "How amazing am I ?! "


There has also been posts going around forever that are about the body of a woman once she has a child:

I've carried a child within my body. Slept with them on my chest. I've kissed little toes & wiped away tears. I've been vomited on, peed on, and even pooped on I've spent many sleepless nights cradling my child but I wouldn't have it any other way. My body isn't magazine perfect, but when I look n the mirror I see a MOM and there is no greater honor, love, or blessing!!

Prattle: When I was pregnant, my husband told me that my body never looked more beautiful to him!

Scuttlebutt: Thats really sweet of him... awww...

Prattle: *grins*


Prattle: We want to also say that we are not advocating being unhealthy, we are just saying that not all women come in one size... Marilyn Monroe was a size 16 at her most popular.

Scuttlebutt: You know... having a few more pounds, doesn't mean you are unhealthy. There are many conditions that come with being thin... or trying to stay thin...

Prattle: Not at all!! But some people (myself included) have a problem finding the middle ground.. Both are equaly as dangerous.

Scuttlebutt: Scuttlebutt: What we need to do is eat with a conscience! Exercise, live our life! Nobody is perfect! And that's what makes us all perfect!!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where the hell have you been?

Real life, sux ass sometimes.. We've been have you all! We need some fun, so we found some!! hehehe.....

We hear the conversation from the middle...

Scuttlebutt : i don't mind giving him all the other stuff his parents bought, but the bedroom will stay with me! i'm not giving it! nope! uh uh nooooooo nada!

Prattle : i hope, for his sake, he doesn't try to take it this weekend..

Scuttlebutt : bwahahahaha! that will be funny..G doesn't want it, his mother does. She can try if she like .....

Prattle : wouldn't that be funny...if she pulled up there with him!

Scuttlebutt : oh yes! and i would scream hysterically and send them all to hell!


hell hell

Prattle : hahahahahaha! you are funny...

Scuttlebutt: you think? lol
Prattle : well make me laugh every day.
Scuttlebutt : you do too honey!

*insert warm fuzzy hug*
Scuttlebutt : with what did i do to make you laugh now? were you imagining me screaming hysterically at G and his mother while i was chained to my bed?

tied to bed

Prattle : welll, now that you mention that crazy scene!!!

Scuttlebutt : hehehehe

Prattle : I was talking about vi's FB post

This started last night on facebook...we got mixed up in it too because...well...because we are Scuttlebutt and Prattle.. we're nosey and give our 2 cents worth!

(and the players are....)

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker, ‎Cynde Poke Jacobus, Prattle, Scuttlebutt, Tina Dunn, Kelly Smith Haviser

@toilie posted a Breaking Dawn Trailer

TJ (haven't gotten the ok to use her, using initials for now!) : I saw that... Bella has finally gotten on my nerves. She got married BUT goes outside to dance with a guy who's in love with her!!!

Tina Dunn : I'm so freaking ready!! I just saw Cynde's post that it is only 65 more days. Seems like an eternity! lol Did I tell you that Ricky is letting me take DD - even though it is a school night?! Yay!

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : YAY!!!! I bet she is so excited!!! Ive been mad at Bella since she kept dissing Edward for him in Eclipse

Tina Dunn : You know how I feel about Bella, Vi! lol I didn't write it, so she is still alive. lol

TJ : BTW: That ring does not look like an 1700's or 1800's antique. It looks more like a ring from the 1960's.

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : I agree. Ok, Im heading to bed for the night. Im trying to get more sleep. While I can lol Night ladies Muahs!

TJ : Night

Tina Dunn : Sweet Dreams! :)

*the next morning....Prattle turns on her computer and sees the trailer*

Prattle : YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! *does crazy happy dance!* can not wait!!!! I'm gonna stick up for Bella...I like her *ducks*, she is in love with one and loves the other.. simple love triangle that works out in the end. *backs out of room*


Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : LOL Prattle, you are right. I guess its possible to love more then one person. I just think after she almost "dies" when Edward leaves her, in RL she wouldn't do anything to drive him away. :)

Prattle : but he is sooo understanding and doesn't leave! that's why I can't hate Bella.. If Edward did leave then I'd hate her....because unless you are a wolf girl, who in their right mind would LEAVE Edward?!?!?!?

Scuttlebutt : Bwahahaha Prattle!!! Edward is such a pussy... *ducks and runs out of the room*

Prattle : *chases after you* but he's such a pretty pussy!!!!

sexy ed

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : Id take him in a heartbeat. He F***** James and Victoria up! He will always protect his Bella *sigh* I want one of those :(

Scuttlebutt : ‎*yells while running* You can keep him V!!!

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : YAY!!! I'm gonna marry Edward!! I'm happy now.

Prattle : ‎*stops running, tries to catch my breath* Wait.... just a .....damned can't have Edward AND Eric...

Scuttlebutt : I want Dean!! You can have Edward, Eric... Eric who?

yummy Eric

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : Oh snap! NOW I see Bellas dilemma.. How do I choose?????? I love them both for being so different lol

Ed vs. Eric

Prattle : Seeeeeeeee!!!!

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : UGH! I want them both! I don't know how I would choose!! BUT if I had too......I think it would be........Edward because he is sweet and strong and sexy and nice. Eric is a bad boy lol

Prattle : Vi, you have an inbox...

Scuttlebutt : I'm sure she has an Inbox. I do too, you do too... everybody does! Hurray!!

Prattle : ‎:p *rolls eyes at Scuttlebutt* not talking to yoooou!

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : I loved my inbox :D lol

Prattle : ‎*insert dirty thought here*

*crazy Superfriends music*

Meanwhile, in the hall of Justice... er.. nosiness.. um.. silliness... oh hell-Back on google talk between Scuttlebutt and Prattle....

Scuttlebutt : but still...Edward is a pussy...

Prattle : yes, and he is still pretty...

Scuttlebutt : when they put make up on him. we are talking about Rob as Edward right?
Prattle : Edward yes... Rob..not so much.. Rob in makeup is a good thing, Rob outside of makeup is scary.. Edward, the character can do no
Scuttlebutt : Edward is super sexy! Rob is filthy and looks like a unwashed drunk Brit... *cough*

yucky rob
Prattle : i agree...unless he has makeup on!

Scuttlebutt : I will delete all this now! If any Rob-lover sees it.. oh my oh my

Prattle : and if he lets some one else dress him! whoohoo, meeeeow!

Scuttlebutt : hahaha! exactly!


Prattle : who will see this? although it would make a GREAT POST, we might get some comments! and a death threat for you...well, and me.. I agreed with you..

Scuttlebutt : *hides*
Prattle : lol yep...think i'll post this...

Scuttlebutt : aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! *runs away and hides*

Prattle : *drags you back by the arm* you're coming with me...lets do this!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

GOOD NEWS!!! And juicy chicken

FINALLY so Prattle has good news! Only took 9 months! Lol

Prattle: Hubby found a job!

Scuttlebutt: that is really great honey! Congratulations!! What kind of work did he get?

Prattle: in a warehouse he's going to be sweating all day! He works at a place where they make CD’s and he will be a “go between" for the printing and graphics department, I think they will end up teaching him how to run the printing machine eventually. But more importantly though... I'LL HAVE THE AFTERNOONS AND FRIDAY'S TO MYSELF AGAIN! LOL! hehehe! ;)

Scuttlebutt:This is really great Amber! I'm happy for you and for him too.

Prattle: Ok, new subject.... have you seen the Breaking Dawn trailer yet??

Scuttlebutt: I saw the bd trailer but I don’t know what I think about that and also it doesn’t make me swoon or "awww" or anything at all. What about you?

Prattle: I’m anxious to see the wedding; I love weddings being romatical and all.... and the honeymoon/baby making! lol

Scuttlebutt: lol

Prattle: I’m sure it will stop when they realize she's pregnant I don’t know where they will divide the book

Scuttlebutt: I will be happy about the second part of the movie. Right after the pregnant thing

Prattle: yes, I told hubby that will be a better one for him to see...all the fighting

Scuttlebutt: I want to see Bella as a vamp too, but honestly I am more excited about the harry potter movie than about this one

Prattle: and crush...uh....whatshisname…kellan's arm in arm wrestling! I can’t remember the character name!! I’m about excited for both Breaking Dawn and Harry Potter

Scuttlebutt: Prattle, you can't remember the character name? Emmet...

Prattle: yeah that’s it...whoops…bad twilight fan, bad…

Scuttlebutt: and really, I am more excited about hp and I am also excited about the hunger game movie and even more about the city of bones movie! jaceeeeeeeeeee!

Prattle: I hope in BD they do a good job with Rosalie and Jake with all the dog comments... Hunger game? What’s that?

Scuttlebutt: see? Second part of the book! The dog comments

Prattle: yeah *rolls eyes* I know!

Scuttlebutt: you don’t know hunger games?

Prattle: no

Scuttlebutt: huh, it’s very popular over there. It’s a book series and they will turn it into a movie as well it has nothing to do with vamps/wolfs/witches though.

hunger games

Prattle: but no creatures???? :( I love creatures....

Scuttlebutt: nope! Nada, it’s a futuristic book

Prattle: aah

Scuttlebutt: it’s in USA in the future

Prattle: interesting!

Scuttlebutt: all people are starving

Prattle: I can see that.... we're greedy little monsters

Scuttlebutt: and a company is arranging games where children from 12-18 are chosen to participate in a survival game, he who wins... wins. Oh and they broadcast it over TV...

Prattle: like gamer?


(prattle has to get her Gerry pic in..) :D

Scuttlebutt: kinda

Prattle: only different?

Scuttlebutt: but with kids

Prattle: no Gerry? Lol! Boohoo

Scuttlebutt: lol

Prattle: I need a good Gerry fix...haven't had one in a while... Noooooooo!

Scuttlebutt: I can’t read that!

Prattle: why not? you know english!

Scuttlebutt: it won’t open

Prattle: pfft...i'll try again! I sent an email...

Scuttlebutt: I can read that

Prattle: :)

Scuttlebutt: lol… silly bean

Prattle: yep...

Scuttlebutt: oh! Ashley Greene is Alice!

Prattle: yes! Duh!

Scuttlebutt: well his taste in women is good

Prattle: yeah

Scuttlebutt: I mean Ashley Greene, Jessica Biel, and Prattle

Prattle: he likes the young.... lol! bwahahahaah! Well then I am SO out of the running.... I could be their mother! Or their mother’s not so younger sister...

Scuttlebutt: their mother but not his :)

Prattle: hehe!

Scuttlebutt: you know in Greece we say that the old chicken has the juice... bwahahahaah!

Prattle: has the juice??? I’m afraid of that comment!

Scuttlebutt: lmao! When you cook a chicken…when it is too young it won’t have much juices, but the old chicken does! lmao

Prattle: huh... so I’m going to be cooked? Because the bed will be ON FIRE?

Scuttlebutt: uh huh

Prattle: hahhahahahahahaha!

Scuttlebutt: and then he will have to eat you too *wink*

Prattle: YES! Win!!!! Can’t waste good juicy chicken...

Scuttlebutt: exactly! Hehe!

Prattle: oh my.... ;)

Scuttlebutt: :D

Prattle: funny stuff... that is something I will never forget...the old chicken has the juice... that's great

Scuttlebutt: usually there are similar saying among languages I guess u don’t have any similar?

Prattle:… but, we were founded by religious puritans and convicts sent from, as freaky as we are in private there are no sayings like that!

Scuttlebutt: I see :)

Prattle: I think I like your culture better... maybe I’m Greek on the inside!

Scuttlebutt: maybe u were in ur past life

Prattle: I think yes... ;)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Gerry in Hawaii

Happy Monday friends!

So I, Prattle, was surfing the web yesterday and came across some pictures that were taken in Hawaii of Gerry. And of course I was there with him, but the pappz cropped me out of the pictures and did not include me in the article..Pfft.. *flips the bird at the photographers*

I'll take you through our day.

Yes, we finally roll out of bed around 11am.. ahhh, lazy mornings in bed with Gerry are what dreams are made of. I woke up with him spooning against me and his arm over my hip. He's a very warm sleeper, you don't need a heater on with Gerry in the room! His chest hair tickled my back something delicious.. *wiggles eyebrows and grins*

Scuttlebutt: Are you sure that was his chest hair?
Prattle: Yes, but he did bring a banana to bed...what's up with that?
Scuttlebutt: Um... I dont know. Maybe you should ask HIM about it... *snickers*

We have a breakfast of fresh local fruit, which of course he fed me from his own fingers. Such a romantic..

Scuttlebutt: I hope he at least washed his hands before feeding you...
Prattle: Of course he did, when we were in the shower together! Mmm...wet Gerry = wet Prattle.
Scuttlebutt: I dont think you really need the shower to get wet... do ya now? *smirks*

He decides to go paddle boarding but can't decide what to wear. I remind him that everyone looks good in black, so he picks the black board shorts. I'd rather he stay in his birthday suit, but that happy trail teaser is something isn't it?!? I run my fingers through his hair one more time before putting mine in braids.

Scuttlebutt: I dont think his birthday suit would be such a great idea... think of the chaos it would cause at the beach... *rolls eyes*


We take a break from paddling and talk about our evening plans. And lets just say it's a good thing I'm in the water, looking at those abs, and those thighs. And thinking of running my hands over his shoulders.... *shudders in a VERY good way*

Scuttlebutt: Uh huh...
Prattle: *wink*


I have to focus or fall off my board! We play in the water a while longer and then I can't help myself, I have to touch him again!! We spend the rest of the day in "aerobic activity" behind closed doors... hehehe... *winks*

Scuttlebutt: Dont you mean... focus or fall off my BED since you were daydreaming??
Prattle: Pfft! Whatever! LOL!

So there you have it, what really happened When Gerry and I took a trip to Hawaii last week.



*blows kisses*

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mortal Instruments

Hello friends!

It is Friday!!! Woooohooo!!!

And there is another reason for me - Scuttlebutt - to holler in ecstasy! I just read that one of my favorite book series --> Mortal Instruments, is to be adapted into a movieeeeeeeee!!!! *jumps in the air and clicks heels together*

When I read the series last year, I was hoping... no... I was praying they would do this and quick!! It seems that my hopes and prays have been answered. And I know that many of you out there also wanted this to happen so please join me in a holler!!!

For those who are not aware of Mortal Instruments, please go and read here:

And here are some articles I read today about the main characters to be! I'm really excited about all this! Especially if Alex Pettyfer, well known from the movie "Stormbreaker" and "I am Number Four" will play Jace... mmmmm mmmmm mmmm.... *cough* *smirks*

I don't really agree with the article that says that this book is Twilight-like. I believe Cassandra Clare has written a completely different story with different characters. There might be some similarities as there would be in any Supernatural *sighs thinking of Dean Winchester* series but it has nothing to do with it. I'm not saying its better or worse (before you Twilight fans beat me to death...) its just different. LOL.

Oh... I liked this description of Jace too much to leave it out of this post...

"Jace Wayland is a buff blond boy with numerous rune marks on his skin, a kick-ass self-defence repetoire and a no-nonsense attitude with the ability to make girls everywhere fall at his booted feet."

Let me show you some pics... *grins*




So... does he look 21 to you? *slight smile*

The actress that will play the main character Clary, is Lily Collins well known from "The Blind Side" with Sandra Bullock and also from the movie "Abduction" where she will be seen alongside our own beautiful wolf-boy, Taylor Lautner :) I loved her in "The Blind Side" and I believe she's a promising actress!


So, have you read the Mortal Instruments series? What do you think about it? Are you excited about the movie adaptation?

Let us know!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The 13th sign.....

Hello friends!

See? We promised we'll be back soon and... well... here we are!

Have you heard about... "The 13th sign"??? Doesn't that sound like a Horror flick?? Well if you ask me, it could be! Snakes and the number 13 both put together? Brrrrr... *shivers* But lets see what we got in stock for you today.

New Zodiac Sign Dates: Ophiuchus The 13th Sign?

Your zodiac sign may not actually be your zodiac sign anymore.

Astronomer Parke Kunkle says that due to changes in the Earth's alignment the dates of many zodiac signs have changed, according to NBC. In addition, there may be a 13th Zodiac sign: Ophiuchus.

Kunkle says that as the Earth and Sun slowly move the signs gradually change, as expected.

The change didn't happen over night either. The 12 signs were designated to different periods of the year almost 3,000 years ago, when astrology began, and since then the Earth's position in relation to the sun has changed.

While the sign many people were born under may now be different, it shouldn't affect horoscope readings, according to NBC.

See if your Zodiac sign has changed below. (And find out if your friends' signs have changed here or under the dates below.)

The New Dates:

Capricorn: Jan. 20 - Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 - March 11
Pisces: March 11- April 18
Aries: April 18 - May 13
Taurus: May 13 - June 21
Gemini: June 21 - July 20
Cancer: July 20 - Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10 - Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16 - Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30 - Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23 - Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29 - Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17 - Jan. 20

From Wikipedia:

Ophiuchus (English pronunciation: /??fi'ju?k?s/ or /?o?fi'ju?k?s/[1]) is a rarely used astrological sign and is not included in most versions of the Zodiac. It is also known as Serpentarius. The eponymous constellation is situated behind the sun between November 29 and December 17.[2]

SCUTTLEBUTT: Yes, because Ophis in ancient Greek, means snake you know! *nods knowingly*

Here is how it looks:



Two symbols have been proposed for Ophiuchus, one based on the Rod of Asclepius (Unicode ?, U+2695) and the other in general use in Japanese astrology (Unicode ?, U+26CE).
Since Ophiuchus is identified with Asclepius, the Rod of Asclepius is often used as a symbol for Ophiuchus. In Japan, an astrological symbol for Ophiuchus is in widespread use. The symbol is sufficiently common to be included in emoji,[7] and appears in the Final Fantasy video game series.[8]


The signs are defined as 30-degree segments of the ecliptic, of which there are twelve, and they are named after nearby constellations at the time the system was developed. Ophiuchus and some of the fixed stars in it were sometimes used by astrologers in antiquity as extra-zodiacal indicators (i.e. astrologically significant celestial phenomena lying outside of the 12-sign zodiac proper).[citation needed] An anonymous 4th century astrologer, often known as Anonymous of 379, seems to have associated "the bright star of Ophiuchus", likely a Ophiuchi, with doctors, healers or physicians (?at???).[3]
However, a few sidereal (Eastern) astrologers (such as Walter Berg[citation needed]) consider the Sun to be in the sign of Ophiuchus when it is in the constellation Ophiuchus, which is November 29 to December 17. Tropical (Western) astrologers and most sidereal astrologers do not recognize Ophiuchus as a sign.


PRATTLE: I really don't understand...i just look for piscies an pray it's gonna be a good day!


Main article: Ophiuchus (constellation) mythology
There are multiple versions of the story in Greek mythology. One states that Ophiuchus is identified with the healer Asclepius, son of Apollo, who became so skilled that he brought the dead back to life.[4] Then Hades became so angry that he convinced Zeus to kill Asclepius with a lightning bolt.[5] After his death, he was placed in the stars as a constellation.
Another version states that Asclepius witnessed a snake reviving a dead snake with herbs. Zeus then killed Asclepius with a thunderbolt to prevent the knowledge from spreading, but out of honor for his life works, turned him into the constellation Ophiuchus (The Snake Holder).[6]

SCUTTLEBUTT: That sucks... cause in both scenarios, Asclepius dies. Boooo!

PRATTLE: But he gets turned into a star!

SCUTTLEBUTT: I guess that got its perks... Hmm...?

World News Insight tells us that:

Onto the traits that are peculiar to an Ophiuchus;
An Interpreter of dreams, who attracts good luck and fruitful blessings. Holds lofty ideals and is a seeker of peace and harmony. Inventive in nature, with expanding qualities. will often seek higher education and wisdom and can end up as an overseer, or supervisor of work. Can rise to fame – either grand, or completely misunderstood. Tends to enjoy longevity and has aspirations of healing the ills of man.
Will reach for the stars, figuratively and literally. For many a large family is indicated, but apt to be separated from them when young. The number twelve holds great significance. Has foresight and good fortune to benefit from hard times. Has secret enemies in family or close associations, with many jealous of this subject.
Often thought of as apple of father’s eye when young. High position in life expected [depending on aspects]. Highest fame and legend often does not come until after death. In general can be wise, even a genius mentality. Likes to wear clothing of vibrant colors, and plaids in particular and often receives the favor of those in authority.


PRATTLE: Um...what is he holding? This is kinda creeeeepy... dude... *frowns* Is he riding the snake?

SCUTTLEBUTT: *giggles* Yup! He looks like the snake-whisperer! Dont tell me you are afraid of snakes?

PRATTLE: *nods* Does this mean that whomever is assoiated with this sign can speek parceltongue? DH does hissss a lot..

SCUTTLEBUTT: Well I think that parceltongue should be one of this signs characteristics!

PRATTLE: *huffs* A 13th sign?? Isn't THAT a bad sign?? The number 13.... and of course my husband falls into it...

SCUTTLEBUTT: *nods* I think THATS the reason why the SMART Babylonian people left it out of the first zodiac cycle at first! But anywho, your DH jumps a sign back if he becomes an Ophiuhus. So... yeah... he's not that bad. LOL

PRATTLE: I like you being a Pisces with me!! :( STOP, WAIT!!! I guess I'm part Aquarius too...ok, better now..sort of? :/

SCUTTLEBUTT: I don't know what these suckers say! I know you still are my twin in thoughts and heart! *huggles*
Still, I in another article I read that even if you fall into another star sign, your characteristics will remain the same... I dont get how though! For... ermm... how old am I now? Ah, yes... 25. So... for 25 years I thought of myself as a Pisces so how can I still have Pisces characteristics while being an Aquarius now?

PRATTLE: *coughs spits out crystal light* you're still sticking to that 25 year old story?! *rolls eyes*

SCUTTLEBUTT: *flashes you my middle finger*

PRATTLE: *snorts* Sooooo, is it an earth sign? Fire? Is it positive or negative?? What is their color?? These are things I NEED to know! I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!

SCUTTLEBUTT: Must be an earth sign... I mean with the snake crawling on earth and all. *grins*

What do YOU think about the 13th sign??? Let us know!

Friday, January 14, 2011

"The Whole Point" | Supernatural

Hey guys!

We havent posted for... Oh wow! Over 4 months now...

I just saw this video and just HAD to post it here... its the most amazing fandom video for Supernatural I have EVER EVER EVER seen!!! The people who are SPN fans will see for themselves.

Dont forget... we love ya and we are trying to be back soon!!!