Sunday, November 17, 2013

50 shades that dagger the bugger...

Ok Scuttle, I don’t know if you’ve had time to read the book “50 Shades of Gray” by E.L. James so here is a quick synopsis, thank you Wikipedia:

“The plot traces the relationship between recent college graduate Anastasia Steele and manipulative billionaire Christian Grey. Steele is required by Grey to sign a contract allowing him complete control over her life as well as a non-disclosure agreement, something that he's required from all of his previous submissives. Upon learning that she is a virgin, Grey agrees to have sex with her in order to prepare her for later encounters, fully intending that the contact would be signed. As she gets to know him, she learns that his sexual tastes involve bondage, domination and sadism, and that childhood abuse left him a deeply damaged individual. In order to be his partner she agrees to experiment with BDSM, but struggles to reconcile who she is (a virgin who has never previously had a boyfriend) with who Christian wants her to be: his submissive, to-do-with-as-he-pleases partner in his "Red Room of Pain.”


Prattle: And then there’s this:
“Film adaptations
Several studios, including Warner Bros.SonyParamount and Universal Pictures entered bids for the film rights to the trilogy,[2][25] with reports stating that James was requesting to retain some control during the movie's creative process. On March 26, 2012 it was announced the rights had been secured by Universal Pictures and Focus Features. It has been reported that Ian SomerhalderAlexander Skarsgard, and Ashley Benson have expressed interest in acting in the film.”  **I read after this, that Universal picked up the rights.
Prattle: Uhhh…yeah, Ian…  *slurp* as Christian?!?  Yes please! Sir, please! Thank you, please Sir, please!!  Alexander Skarsgard?  Hmmm…interesting…but what really would they be able to put in the movie? 
Scuttlebutt: Um…. WHAT? Ian? Alexander? *drools uncontrollably* Well… I haven’t read the book and the truth is that I am not really into that BDSM stuff (or I’m too afraid to admit it even to myself…) but I think it would be quite an interesting sight for my pretty eyes… *grins* And Ashley Benson wants to act in the film… uh huh… uh huh… *nods*
Prattle: I think if you explored it, you would be a Dom for sure..go out..explore!  *winks*.  I can understand it to a degree, not the kind that is all about pain and degradation.  I can see how letting go and being submissive would be great!!  I can see some business owners (or something) needing to let go of all their power for a bit and just take it.  I can also see the workers that have to take the owners crap (not literally, that’s gross) being dominate.  Roll reversal roll-play I guess. 
Scuttlebutt: Really? Me? A Dom? Ughh…. Hmm…
Prattle: @cynde had showed me a video of my Gerard Butler for Christian, but I think he’s too old at this point.  A younger Gerry, say from Tomb Raider, would have worked WONDERS!!! But Christian is supposed to be under 30, Gerry’s age is showing now.  NOT THAT I MIND!!  I would love to create a BSDM with a Gerry type…  I think he could pull it off verra well, verra well indeed.
Scuttlebutt: Your Gerry huh? *snickers* I don’t know if I could see Gerry as a BDSM type… I think that BDSM is about control… having control over somebody, leaving control to someone else. I would prefer him to be as brute as he can. *giggles* No control for me please!
Prattle: Oh, I think he’d make a great looking Dom on film…or in a Red Room in my head..yes yes! And yes..MY Gerry!  *giggles*
Scuttlebutt: *winks*
Prattle: I guess they could leave a lot to the imagination, make it more psychologically sexy instead of overtly-in-your-face sex.  Then it would be porn! 
Scuttlebutt: Yes but PLEASE don’t let them make it a PG13 movie like they did with the fade to black scenes in Twilight! And porn… *cough* I’d like to watch some Alexander porn… I wouldn’t mind at all…
Prattle: I think………………………..oh sorry, got lost in the idea of Alexander porn. 
Scuttlebutt: Let’s both just take a second (or an hour) of imagining that………..
Prattle: I think I was expecting more out of the book, for it to be more like Master of the Universe, which of the parts I read of that (thank you @bellaflo for suggesting it a long time ago!) did have my panties bunched up in a wad! 
Scuttlebutt: Well, I haven’t read that or that but I take your word for it! :-P
Prattle: Of course it isn’t going to win awards, simply on content…but it was an ok read.  I think I read it in less than 24 hours.  My only hope is the second book is better than the first one.
Scuttlebutt: 24 hours…? Lucky Mr. Prattle… *grins*
Prattle: We were going to discuss the differences between the Shades books and BDB (Black Dagger Brotherhood) books.
Scuttlebutt: Were we…? I’m sorry but I have lost my mind to Alexander porn…
Prattle: *drools*  We are easily distracted, aren’t we?
Scuttlebutt: Distracted? Of what? Oh! You mean the post… uh huh…. Alexander nekkkiddd…. Mhmm…
In case you missed it before...
Prattle: I’ve mentioned before that I think I like the BDB books better than the first Fifty book because.  1) Vampires
                 2) They protect their women (the one that is into bondage is the one that gets tied up and stuff)
                And 3) Vampires.
Scuttlebutt: Can I add 4) Vampires into the equation?
Prattle: Good point, yes you may add your number 4.
Scuttlebutt: Don’t forget the Vampires point!
Prattle: I know she had to tone the book down from what it was, but I really wish she hadn’t..that was what made it sooooo great, and to quote Wikipedia “mommy porn”.  The pleasure part and how they interacted had a much better flow..whereas BDB was HAWT right from the get go.  Of course, I could have too much Kink in my could just be me.
Scuttlebutt: *pats your back* Don’t worry sugar… you are in good company here… pervy fishy…
Prattle: Wikipedia states that “A reviewer for the Ledger-Enquirer described the book as guilty fun and escapism, but that it "also touches on one aspect of female existence [female submission]. And acknowledging that fact – maybe even appreciating it – shouldn't be a cause for guilt."  I can agree with this statement!  *looks back at the pic of Gerry licking the corner of his mouth*  Ooooooooh yeah….Laters baby…  *winks*
Scuttlebutt: *waves and snickers* 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hoppin Hottness Sexy Moves Part 1

Hoppin Hottness
Part One

New series!! Hoppin Hott Sex Moves that will have you both begging for more!

We will share 10 a week.... Let us know what you think, if you've tried and if you wanna try! *winks*

Robert Whitman

Pop quiz: When is your body best primed to get busy? If you’re thinking Um, right now? you’re our kind of girl... and you’re totally correct.

So why not make the most of that healthy lust? We checked in with top experts to get the best booty tricks you may not have tried yet. Work your way down the list in succession or mix and match moves custom-made for his package. Either way, let the games begin.


1. Have a naughty-movie marathon. Rent a bunch of flicks with famously steamy sex scenes. How could you not get inspired?

Prattle: Yes! Or even make your own vid of those scenes all together... hehehe..
Scuttlebutt: Yeah! Just be careful where you put that vid or who sees it or else you will see your self as a Paris Hilton! And you wouldn't want that, huh?

2. Intensify his orgasm by placing two fingers an inch behind his balls and feeling for a dent (the perineum, a big pleasure trigger). For the last 30 seconds before he comes, massage the spot in a circular motion.

Prattle: How do you know when it's the last 30 seconds?? I've got a 2 second notice at the max!
Scuttlebutt: Maybe you can start the massage 30 seconds before you want it to be over? *grins*


3. Tie two or three knots in a nylon stocking, and gently wrap it (don’t tie it) around the base of his penis so it’s snug but still has some give. The compression makes him even more sensitive, and the knots stimulate your clitoris as you move in girl-on-top.

Prattle: *makes note to get more stockings*
Scuttlebutt: Don't use used stockings please! Might get smelly! *giggles*

4. Put a small mirror out to the side, parallel to his body, while you’re going down on him — he’ll have an eye-popping view.

Prattle: Hmmm... whose going to hold the mirror?
Scuttlebutt: Thats a good question! Cause doing the deed and holding the mirror is no fun! Maybe find a flat spot where you can just place it?


5. To make his orgasm explosive, gently squeeze the base of his penis for five seconds before he comes, then release.

Prattle: Here again we have the timing issue...
Scuttlebutt: Yeah! What if I just think he is about to come? What if I start squeezing and nothing happens? I bet its gonna be annoying as hell after 3 or 4 times! *smirks*

6. Close your eyes and masturbate in front of him. It’s a turn-on because he’ll feel like the only viewer of a private porn show.

Prattle: I have to close my eyes anyway when I do this...
Scuttlebutt: *covers eyes with hands* When you do what?


7. Text your man racy one-word messages that, when strung together, hint at what you want him to do to you that night.

Prattle: This could get confusing! I don't know.. I might have to just text the whole thing so I don't confuse myself!
Scuttlebutt: What about using keywords? Like... you, me, eat, candle, wine, f***, sleep? Would that be a turn on too?

8. Make a playlist of sultry songs, and set it to shuffle during sex. Change up your pace and mood to match each new tune.

Prattle: Not a bad idea... Like a "mix tape" for adults... a "MIXXX tape" bwahahahahahaha!
Scuttlebutt: Hahahaha!


9. Buy a small, bullet-shaped vibrator that has a remote operation. Hold it over your clitoris, and hand him the controls.

Prattle: I him too much control!
Scuttlebutt: Are you talking about control? *snorts* Lemme just tell you one letter! V! Bwahaha!

10. While your man is hard, use one hand to push his penis up toward his stomach. Lick the underside of his shaft by keeping your tongue flat and moving your head from side to side to cover more surface area.

Prattle: Oooooh, yes.. he likes that...
Scuttlebutt: Just don't move your head too fast cause he might think you're having a seizure!
Well, that's about it for today! Tell us what you think! Or maybe... DON'T tell us what you think! (trying to work the reverse psychology thingy).

Scuttlebutt and Prattle... as always... at your services *wink*