Friday, January 21, 2011

Mortal Instruments

Hello friends!

It is Friday!!! Woooohooo!!!

And there is another reason for me - Scuttlebutt - to holler in ecstasy! I just read that one of my favorite book series --> Mortal Instruments, is to be adapted into a movieeeeeeeee!!!! *jumps in the air and clicks heels together*

When I read the series last year, I was hoping... no... I was praying they would do this and quick!! It seems that my hopes and prays have been answered. And I know that many of you out there also wanted this to happen so please join me in a holler!!!

For those who are not aware of Mortal Instruments, please go and read here:

And here are some articles I read today about the main characters to be! I'm really excited about all this! Especially if Alex Pettyfer, well known from the movie "Stormbreaker" and "I am Number Four" will play Jace... mmmmm mmmmm mmmm.... *cough* *smirks*

I don't really agree with the article that says that this book is Twilight-like. I believe Cassandra Clare has written a completely different story with different characters. There might be some similarities as there would be in any Supernatural *sighs thinking of Dean Winchester* series but it has nothing to do with it. I'm not saying its better or worse (before you Twilight fans beat me to death...) its just different. LOL.

Oh... I liked this description of Jace too much to leave it out of this post...

"Jace Wayland is a buff blond boy with numerous rune marks on his skin, a kick-ass self-defence repetoire and a no-nonsense attitude with the ability to make girls everywhere fall at his booted feet."

Let me show you some pics... *grins*




So... does he look 21 to you? *slight smile*

The actress that will play the main character Clary, is Lily Collins well known from "The Blind Side" with Sandra Bullock and also from the movie "Abduction" where she will be seen alongside our own beautiful wolf-boy, Taylor Lautner :) I loved her in "The Blind Side" and I believe she's a promising actress!


So, have you read the Mortal Instruments series? What do you think about it? Are you excited about the movie adaptation?

Let us know!


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Craftygirl said...

thanks for the rec! Will be reading them sooooooon! Then we'll discuss.... hehe!