Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where the hell have you been?

Real life, sux ass sometimes.. We've been have you all! We need some fun, so we found some!! hehehe.....

We hear the conversation from the middle...

Scuttlebutt : i don't mind giving him all the other stuff his parents bought, but the bedroom will stay with me! i'm not giving it! nope! uh uh nooooooo nada!

Prattle : i hope, for his sake, he doesn't try to take it this weekend..

Scuttlebutt : bwahahahaha! that will be funny..G doesn't want it, his mother does. She can try if she like .....

Prattle : wouldn't that be funny...if she pulled up there with him!

Scuttlebutt : oh yes! and i would scream hysterically and send them all to hell!


hell hell

Prattle : hahahahahaha! you are funny...

Scuttlebutt: you think? lol
Prattle : well make me laugh every day.
Scuttlebutt : you do too honey!

*insert warm fuzzy hug*
Scuttlebutt : with what did i do to make you laugh now? were you imagining me screaming hysterically at G and his mother while i was chained to my bed?

tied to bed

Prattle : welll, now that you mention that crazy scene!!!

Scuttlebutt : hehehehe

Prattle : I was talking about vi's FB post

This started last night on facebook...we got mixed up in it too because...well...because we are Scuttlebutt and Prattle.. we're nosey and give our 2 cents worth!

(and the players are....)

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker, ‎Cynde Poke Jacobus, Prattle, Scuttlebutt, Tina Dunn, Kelly Smith Haviser

@toilie posted a Breaking Dawn Trailer

TJ (haven't gotten the ok to use her, using initials for now!) : I saw that... Bella has finally gotten on my nerves. She got married BUT goes outside to dance with a guy who's in love with her!!!

Tina Dunn : I'm so freaking ready!! I just saw Cynde's post that it is only 65 more days. Seems like an eternity! lol Did I tell you that Ricky is letting me take DD - even though it is a school night?! Yay!

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : YAY!!!! I bet she is so excited!!! Ive been mad at Bella since she kept dissing Edward for him in Eclipse

Tina Dunn : You know how I feel about Bella, Vi! lol I didn't write it, so she is still alive. lol

TJ : BTW: That ring does not look like an 1700's or 1800's antique. It looks more like a ring from the 1960's.

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : I agree. Ok, Im heading to bed for the night. Im trying to get more sleep. While I can lol Night ladies Muahs!

TJ : Night

Tina Dunn : Sweet Dreams! :)

*the next morning....Prattle turns on her computer and sees the trailer*

Prattle : YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! *does crazy happy dance!* can not wait!!!! I'm gonna stick up for Bella...I like her *ducks*, she is in love with one and loves the other.. simple love triangle that works out in the end. *backs out of room*


Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : LOL Prattle, you are right. I guess its possible to love more then one person. I just think after she almost "dies" when Edward leaves her, in RL she wouldn't do anything to drive him away. :)

Prattle : but he is sooo understanding and doesn't leave! that's why I can't hate Bella.. If Edward did leave then I'd hate her....because unless you are a wolf girl, who in their right mind would LEAVE Edward?!?!?!?

Scuttlebutt : Bwahahaha Prattle!!! Edward is such a pussy... *ducks and runs out of the room*

Prattle : *chases after you* but he's such a pretty pussy!!!!

sexy ed

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : Id take him in a heartbeat. He F***** James and Victoria up! He will always protect his Bella *sigh* I want one of those :(

Scuttlebutt : ‎*yells while running* You can keep him V!!!

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : YAY!!! I'm gonna marry Edward!! I'm happy now.

Prattle : ‎*stops running, tries to catch my breath* Wait.... just a .....damned can't have Edward AND Eric...

Scuttlebutt : I want Dean!! You can have Edward, Eric... Eric who?

yummy Eric

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : Oh snap! NOW I see Bellas dilemma.. How do I choose?????? I love them both for being so different lol

Ed vs. Eric

Prattle : Seeeeeeeee!!!!

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : UGH! I want them both! I don't know how I would choose!! BUT if I had too......I think it would be........Edward because he is sweet and strong and sexy and nice. Eric is a bad boy lol

Prattle : Vi, you have an inbox...

Scuttlebutt : I'm sure she has an Inbox. I do too, you do too... everybody does! Hurray!!

Prattle : ‎:p *rolls eyes at Scuttlebutt* not talking to yoooou!

Violet Auntie Mimi Baker : I loved my inbox :D lol

Prattle : ‎*insert dirty thought here*

*crazy Superfriends music*

Meanwhile, in the hall of Justice... er.. nosiness.. um.. silliness... oh hell-Back on google talk between Scuttlebutt and Prattle....

Scuttlebutt : but still...Edward is a pussy...

Prattle : yes, and he is still pretty...

Scuttlebutt : when they put make up on him. we are talking about Rob as Edward right?
Prattle : Edward yes... Rob..not so much.. Rob in makeup is a good thing, Rob outside of makeup is scary.. Edward, the character can do no
Scuttlebutt : Edward is super sexy! Rob is filthy and looks like a unwashed drunk Brit... *cough*

yucky rob
Prattle : i agree...unless he has makeup on!

Scuttlebutt : I will delete all this now! If any Rob-lover sees it.. oh my oh my

Prattle : and if he lets some one else dress him! whoohoo, meeeeow!

Scuttlebutt : hahaha! exactly!


Prattle : who will see this? although it would make a GREAT POST, we might get some comments! and a death threat for you...well, and me.. I agreed with you..

Scuttlebutt : *hides*
Prattle : lol yep...think i'll post this...

Scuttlebutt : aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! *runs away and hides*

Prattle : *drags you back by the arm* you're coming with me...lets do this!



Toilie said...

I absolutely love this lol I didnt know we were all so entertaining lol Great job guys!

Craftygirl said...

I'm glad you liked it!!!! It took me a while to get the grove back...still mucked up the pics.... oh well!

we are pretty funny... I know we make each other laugh all the time!!

at least we get us, huh Scuttlebutt?

Chryssa said...

I am absolutely positive that if someone else read this... wouldnt get a thing! They will be like... huh? And think we are crazy! Oh wait... we are! :)

Unknown said...

I really don't get it but I think you are funny
I was googling a restaurant believe it or not and got this blog
Kinda like a GPS on crack
Well I will have to come back
have fun girls