Thursday, August 26, 2010

Black Daggers flying everywhere...

We are baaaaaaaaaaackkk!!! Missed us? We hope you did cause we certainly missed youuuu!!!

OK, so... Scuttlebutt got a suggestion from our friend and affiliate Brenda to read a vamp series. Of course she did and thank goodness she shared with her Prattle, it's all we've been talking about!
In both of our time zones we've stayed up way past our bed time trying to get in more Brotherhood time and to make sure they fall in love as we've fallen for them....
We've decided on who we want to play each Brother in a movie.... and have friended them on twitter.
No fade to black goings on in this series, full on and sometimes (deliciously) kinky sex is a main theme, as well as a specific position! *wiggles eyebrows* There is erotica for every taste (haha, taste.... vamp book.. yeah, anyway...) and a Brother for every liking. And a lot of leather...

We think that the writing gets better with each book, and the spin of vampire lore is very interesting! The first couple of books were "ok", we are much fonder of the latter books in the series and the twists are very unexpected and I think they make the stories more enjoyable when we have that "WTF" moments!

Here you get one of our little chats... about them. We thought we share it with you and are also waiting for your opinion!!

Chatting about Book 1 - Dark Lover

Scuttlebutt: How do you like the book???

Prattle: Oooh, I love it! Beth and Wrath are about to ……! You’ve friended one of them, right?

Scuttlebutt: Squeeeeeeeeeee! Vishous!!!!!!!!!!!

Prattle: Don't friend Z...he's scary... LOL!

Scuttlebutt: I know!!!!!!! Muahahahahaa. I finished it yesterday!

Prattle: The series or the first book?

Scuttlebutt: The first book silly. I’m not as quick as you.

Prattle: Aaaah!

Scuttlebutt: I needed about 2 and a half days to finish it.

Prattle: I have 110 pages left!

Scuttlebutt: Wooooot

Prattle: I like Fritz!

Scuttlebutt: Hey, who are you imagining as Wrath? :) I mean as in actor.

Prattle: Gerry ;)

Scuttlebutt: Figures LOL

Prattle: LOL! Of course! Who do you see?

Scuttlebutt: No one really. I dunno.

Prattle: Hmmm..

Scuttlebutt: I saw fan art of Hugh though and I liked him as Wrath.

Prattle: Hugh Jackman???

Scuttlebutt: Uh huh

Prattle: Interesting...

Scuttlebutt: Yeah… isn’t it?

Prattle: I pictured him more of the cute one, Hollywood...Rhage!

Scuttlebutt: I don’t know. I’ve seen fan art of the guy who played Samantha’s bf in sex n the city as Rhage..

Prattle: Interesting, again...huh..

Scuttlebutt: LOL

Prattle: Where did you see all this fan art?

Scuttlebutt: Here! I saw this pic of Hugh as Wrath!




Scuttlebutt: Here is Hollywood :)


Prattle: Hollywood is good.... that pic of Hugh you sent is OLD!!!!!!!!

Scuttlebutt: I like this old pic of Hugh. Bah…

Prattle: I do too!

Scuttlebutt: LOL

Prattle: Young Hugh.... early 30's

Scuttlebutt: Rhage is fucking hot! LOL

Scuttlebutt: Channing Tatum is too thin to play Zsadist (after reading more I take that back…).


Collin Farrel as Vishous huh? I don’t know... not bad…


Prattle: I think it works!

Scuttlebutt: Hmm... nah...

Prattle: LOL! What?!?!?

Scuttlebutt: He needs a goatee and a baseball cap!

Prattle: He could grow one! Not a cap....

Scuttlebutt: Haha! …he must look smart too. Collin looks a little too macho. LOL think... think... hmmmmmm…

Ewwwwwwwwww! Brad Pitt as Phury? Hell no! Or maybe… On second thought…


Ryan Reynolds as Butch?? I’d like that!!!!! Woooot!


Prattle: I bet you would! I couldn't think of his name.. LOL!

Scuttlebutt: LOL Paul Walker isn't bad either but Gerry should play someone too! Maybe dean also! Hehe ummmm..

Scuttlebutt: Brenda said that Dean reminds her of Thorment. :)

Prattle: I can see that, yes. Dean could be Hollywood hehe!

Scuttlebutt: No, I think I like that other sweet ass better as Hollywood LOL

Prattle: Which other sweet ass, may I ask?

Scuttlebutt: The one I sent you before! The blond! What about Gerry as Phury?

Prattle: If I get to see him without a shirt on, and he's got fangs......I’m good, I don't care who he plays!

Scuttlebutt: In this pic they all look gay..


Prattle: That's too close to anime!

Scuttlebutt: It’s ugly. And gay.



This one looks like a kid! And now that makes sense!

Scuttlebutt: Tehrror? Yes it does!

Prattle: Oh, hello!


Scuttlebutt: Hel-lo to you tooooo…

Prattle: LOL!

Scuttlebutt: Nice scruff :) I really though J.R. Ward is a man and I was thinking... how is this guy describing men like that?

Prattle: I didn't think about the author! Female I guess? Sounds about right.

Scuttlebutt: Yeah figures.

Prattle: Yep.

Scuttlebutt: Although I think its strange she is describing all the lust in that way. I mean the women side. I was thinking oh figures... he’s a man trying to describe women feelings. I was wrong. LOL

Prattle: :) she's rather macho

Scuttlebutt: Yeah! It would be nice if they'd make that one a movie... hehe.

Prattle: Yep.... with my Gerry and Prattle mwhahaahahahahahaa!

Scuttlebutt: LOL. Have you seen my tumblr post?

Prattle: No, haven't been on there since....the last time i was on there!

Scuttlebutt: I wrote a short post. You're gonna laugh

Prattle: I just read it! Yes, I did're so silly! 16 again, huh?

Scuttlebutt: LOL! What about my warrior description?

Prattle: Yes, spot on! Leather babes! And big big men.... someone I couldn't break!

Scuttlebutt: You know, with my 172 cm and almost *cough* pounds I was never a petite girl and I was always thinking how great it would be if I would find a very big man who would take me in his arms and I could just disappear! He could lift me and carry me around but ... dreams LOL

Most of the guys I dated were build like I am or even smaller! George is a little more build than me and a little taller too.

Prattle: Me too.... Aaron is not much taller than I am.

Scuttlebutt: Dean would look like a kid next to me LOL!

Prattle: So would Rob!

Scuttlebutt: That’s EXACTLY what I would say now!

Prattle: I think that's why I switched gears.... to Gerry and Hugh!

Scuttlebutt: I could slap him - Rob - and he'd fall down.

Prattle: Or sigh heavy...

Scuttlebutt: *snorts* Well dean is more built than Rob.

Prattle: Yes, he's sturdy.

Scuttlebutt: But he’s small... Well anyway in my dreams I’m small and thin. LOL. I suppose. Cause I don’t remember any dreams as you know.

Prattle: Um.. um...oh.... what is his name.... the English actor... blonde... was a hump day hottie.

Scuttlebutt: Huh?

Prattle: Another 'waif-ish' guy

Scuttlebutt: Huh?

Prattle: LOL.... hang on... Jude Law!!! He’s another that would blow over in a breeze!

Scuttlebutt: Ohhh Jude LOL Yes!

Prattle: I still want to suck on his lip tho...

Scuttlebutt: *grins*

Prattle: ;)

Scuttlebutt: Yeah... lip

Prattle: Yep.....LIP

Scuttlebutt: Hahahaa! Ok I’d like to suck on Deans...lip too. And then maybe he’s earlobe. Oh and then his neck… hmm... Maybe his fingertips too.

Prattle: And his toes?

Scuttlebutt: If I had gave him a pedicure first I wouldn’t mind *smirks*

Prattle: Between his long as his hands were washed hehehe!

Scuttlebutt: *grins*

Prattle: If the mood struck right

Scuttlebutt: Bwwwwwahahaaaaaaahahahhaaa! I'm watching your boy Keanu as Neo on screen.

Prattle: Mmmmm....another one that if he had fangs I’d be all weak in the knees.

Scuttlebutt: He could play Vishous!!!

Prattle: Yes he could!

Scuttlebutt: He looks like an IT guy!

Prattle: Nice call!

Scuttlebutt: And he is build and ...

Prattle: …and sexy... yummy

Scuttlebutt: Have you ever see him in a goatee?

Prattle: Don't think so, his beard grows funny when he has one... but there are fake ones!

Scuttlebutt: Hell...

Prattle: I think he had one in “Much ado about nothing” now that I think about it...

Scuttlebutt: In what?

Prattle: “Much ado about nothing”, the Shakespeare play turned movie. Hey, this works!


Scuttlebutt: Holy freaking shit it does! It makes him look ... dangerous.

Prattle: …and sexy!

Scuttlebutt: He is sexy!

Prattle: …and did I mention sexy?

Scuttlebutt: He should grow a beard I’m telling ya.

Prattle: We should cast it!

Scuttlebutt: Ahahahahhahaaaa we definitely should and touch all the guys to see if they are hard enough… *cough* I mean their bodies of course!

Prattle: Right!

Scuttlebutt: *winks*


Craftygirl said...

bwahahahahaha! i don't care if anyone reads this, we are funny as hell!!!!! but i secretly hope they do!!!!


Who would any of you cast?? Has anyone else read the books?? Thoughts, comments, pervishness?


bjones0011 said...

LMMFAO!!!! You guys are freaking hilarious!!

I'm REALLY glad that you are enjoying it though!

::sighs:: And V! ::smirks:: You know he's my all time favorite! ::wiggly eyebrows::

Enjoy the rest of the series!