Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hoppin Hottness Sex Moves

Part One

New series!! Hoppin Hott Sex Moves that will have you both begging for more!

We will share 10 a week.... Let us know what you think, if you've tried and if you wanna try! *winks*

Robert Whitman

Pop quiz: When is your body best primed to get busy? If you’re thinking Um, right now? you’re our kind of girl... and you’re totally correct.

So why not make the most of that healthy lust? We checked in with top experts to get the best booty tricks you may not have tried yet. Work your way down the list in succession or mix and match moves custom-made for his package. Either way, let the games begin.


1. Have a naughty-movie marathon. Rent a bunch of flicks with famously steamy sex scenes. How could you not get inspired?

Prattle: Yes! Or even make your own vid of those scenes all together... hehehe..
Scuttlebutt: Yeah! Just be careful where you put that vid or who sees it or else you will see your self as a Paris Hilton! And you wouldn't want that, huh?

2. Intensify his orgasm by placing two fingers an inch behind his balls and feeling for a dent (the perineum, a big pleasure trigger). For the last 30 seconds before he comes, massage the spot in a circular motion.

Prattle: How do you know when it's the last 30 seconds?? I've got a 2 second notice at the max!
Scuttlebutt: Maybe you can start the massage 30 seconds before you want it to be over? *grins*


3. Tie two or three knots in a nylon stocking, and gently wrap it (don’t tie it) around the base of his penis so it’s snug but still has some give. The compression makes him even more sensitive, and the knots stimulate your clitoris as you move in girl-on-top.

Prattle: *makes note to get more stockings*
Scuttlebutt: Don't use used stockings please! Might get smelly! *giggles*

4. Put a small mirror out to the side, parallel to his body, while you’re going down on him — he’ll have an eye-popping view.

Prattle: Hmmm... whose going to hold the mirror?
Scuttlebutt: Thats a good question! Cause doing the deed and holding the mirror is no fun! Maybe find a flat spot where you can just place it?


5. To make his orgasm explosive, gently squeeze the base of his penis for five seconds before he comes, then release.

Prattle: Here again we have the timing issue...
Scuttlebutt: Yeah! What if I just think he is about to come? What if I start squeezing and nothing happens? I bet its gonna be annoying as hell after 3 or 4 times! *smirks*

6. Close your eyes and masturbate in front of him. It’s a turn-on because he’ll feel like the only viewer of a private porn show.

Prattle: I have to close my eyes anyway when I do this...
Scuttlebutt: *covers eyes with hands* When you do what?


7. Text your man racy one-word messages that, when strung together, hint at what you want him to do to you that night.

Prattle: This could get confusing! I don't know.. I might have to just text the whole thing so I don't confuse myself!
Scuttlebutt: What about using keywords? Like... you, me, eat, candle, wine, f***, sleep? Would that be a turn on too?

8. Make a playlist of sultry songs, and set it to shuffle during sex. Change up your pace and mood to match each new tune.

Prattle: Not a bad idea... Like a "mix tape" for adults... a "MIXXX tape" bwahahahahahaha!
Scuttlebutt: Hahahaha!


9. Buy a small, bullet-shaped vibrator that has a remote operation. Hold it over your clitoris, and hand him the controls.

Prattle: I him too much control!
Scuttlebutt: Are you talking about control? *snorts* Lemme just tell you one letter! V! Bwahaha!

10. While your man is hard, use one hand to push his penis up toward his stomach. Lick the underside of his shaft by keeping your tongue flat and moving your head from side to side to cover more surface area.

Prattle: Oooooh, yes.. he likes that...
Scuttlebutt: Just don't move your head too fast cause he might think you're having a seizure!

Well, that's about it for today! Tell us what you think! Or maybe... DON'T tell us what you think! (trying to work the reverse psychology thingy).

Scuttlebutt and Prattle... as always... at your services *wink*

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Craftygirl said...

bwahahahaha! you snorted at me!! V...ah...yes...he can have the control, no problem!