Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Wonder where we are if we aren't on twitter? Wonder what we are doing?

We are working in cafe's, working the fields of the frontier, and building massive cities!

How many of you are on facebook? do you play any of the games? Do you need neighbours? Scuttlebutt used to laugh at me because I did....until SHE started playing them herself! Who is laughing now?? bwahahahahaha!

Scuttlebutt: Yeah yeah... You can mock as much as you want! I am SICK! Its like a drug to me!!! And its all ... I dont know who's fault! But somebody sent me a ... something... request for "Millionaire City" and then I started to play... and then I build one house, then another, then some streets and so on... and.. yeah... *heavy sigh*


Prattle: I started with the mobster game and cafe world and vampire wars, then i stopped playing those.

Scuttlebutt: *eyes open wide on the sound of Cafe world* You did?? Ooohhh... Why aren't you my neighbour???? Huh?? *puts hands on waist*


Prattle: I didn't start back up for about a year and then it was to play a game that my niece was playing: Petville. I was hooked. I even spent money to get more coins and bonus thingies! I wanted a big house for my pet "Chloe" and I wanted it full of allllll the things I wanted! That led me to Treasure Isle, because my cousin played it and I wanted to be her neighbor... yeah, more money spent..

Scuttlebutt: *twists face* Oh well... of course! You wanted to play this petville thingy for your niece and the other thingy for your cousin but when I told you to open a darn bakery so you'll be my neighbour and work for me and help me, you didnt! Nooo!!! Nothing for poor little Scuttlebutt...

Prattle: Because they were for CHILDREN!!! I got bored with those and finally played frontierville. Of course I spent some money on that too, but not as much. I realized I had a problem. I was addicted. I am an addict. A facebook game addict. *hangs head* I play city of wonder now, some gourmet ranch...or something like that..and frontierville. *raises hand in a wave* Hello, my name is Prattle, it's been 20 minutes since I've played a game. I know I'll play more soon I have to clear out my brush and trees that have taken over my farm! Hey, while I'm here....any frontierville peeps have any corn I can tend?? Please??? corn??? anyone????


Scuttlebutt: *whispers* I have it open right now and I even cussed at my Sister cause she has her coffee machine ready before me! And I'm playing that darn game longer!! *voices slowly increases* But she has more neighbours than I do!! *screeches now* I HAVE NOT ENOUGH NEIGHBOURS!! *tear runs down... clears throat* Um... Baking Life anybody? Wanna be my neighbour? I'm pretty nice :D I even send you goodies daily!!!

Prattle: Geesh....I'll join your bakery...gimme a minute...

Scuttlebutt: ............ The minute just passed!!!!!! And I still cant see you!!!


Prattle: Because we are writing this!! omg, you need a facebook game detox...seriously! *rolls eyes*

Scuttlebutt: You are mean! *folds arms in front of chest*


Prattle: You know, I'm like a pusher.. I'm your very own Rhevenge (from Black Dagger Brotherhood). I know it's wrong to help you but I can't help myself, *looks around and whispers* did you look for the "add me" pages for your game? You will get more neighbours that way. *winks* I know what you need, and I know where you can get it.. *grins*

Scuttlebutt: Nooo!!! Oh my Gawd! *grabs your shirt* Please help me! Help me find more neighbours! I need them!!

gourmet ranch

Prattle: P.S. I resisted the urge to post a pic of Gerry from the movie "Gamer"... I can show some restraint when I need to. I guess..

city of wonder

Scuttlebutt: P.S. Yeah... you can. *giggles* But I CAN'T! LOL


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Craftygirl said...


I soooo love my Scuttlebutt!

*drools on computer screen*

whoops, might not want to do that, i'll need the computer later!

what a sight to see first thing in the morning! HELLLOOOOOOOO mah Gerry!