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Sex in outer space!

space sex

I read a fanfic of @Meadowc's from Whimsical Fic-ery that is a mash up of Twilight and Star Trek, it was one of the funniest things I've ever read! Bella was kinda evil, and Edward was kinda clueless..and NO fade to black!
Read it here: Fully Functional

Got me thinking about a story I'd heard on the news about if procreation in space is even possible, and what issues they would have in doing so.. Hearing Brian Williams say the words "Sex in Space" was a ROFL OMG LOL moment for me!

Here are parts from the article. To read the whole thing, go here...

"The fantasy might be vastly superior to the reality," NASA physician Jim Logan said

"Sex in space is not just a good idea, it's survival," said Vanna Bonta, a writer who blends romance with space travel and quantum physics in the novel "Flight."
However, off-Earth romantics will have to cope with some practical challenges:
Sex in space would likely be "hotter and wetter" than on Earth, Bonta said, because in zero-G there is no natural convection to carry away body heat. Also, scientists have found that people tend to perspire more in microgravity. The moisture associated with sexual congress could pool as floating droplets.

Partners would have to be anchored to the wall and/or to each other. To address that need, Bonta has come up with her own design for garments equipped with strategically placed Velcro strips and zippers.

Prattle: During a thrust, your partner would literally hit the wall or go through it!

Scuttlebutt: LOL! That would be... inconvenient! He could fall over unconscious!

Prattle: Both partners would need to be "tied" down so they didn't float apart!

Scuttlebutt: Being tied to Dean wouldn't bother me a bit you know *grins*

Prattle: I can think of several places to be velcro'd to Gerry...bwhahahaha!

floating around with Prattle

Although zero-G could be a boon for saggy body parts, Bonta said males might notice a "slight decrease" in penis size due to the lower blood pressure that humans experience in microgravity.

: *cough* what about toys, toys floating around the cabin? Penis size would decrease?? Hey, but my boobies would be perky!

Scuttlebutt: I think that's the only good thing. Perky boobs! But a small penis would vanish ... although it would be perky. A perky little penis. *giggles*

Prattle: "perky little penis"! *doubles over laughing!*

Romantics will also need to guard against the type of motion sickness that space travelers often encounter, especially if they get too adventurous right off. "Save the acrobatics for post-play vs. foreplay," Bonta advised.

: Err... thats a big NO NO for me. Getting sick during sexing? Ewwwww.... *gags* Ewwww!!

For all these reasons, Logan said spontaneous sex in space could be "a little underwhelming.""It's a pretty messy environment, when you think about it," he said.

Prattle: Hmm... and messy sex gooo would be floating around everywhere...yuck..

Scuttlebutt: Baaahhh!! That wouldn't be very nice. Oh, hey! That reminded me of a M&Ms advertisement! Where it somehow floats in the room and they all jump around and eat them! Err... no, I think I painted the wrong picture here huh?

Prattle: Um...*shakes head trying to get that visual out*

"And for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. However ... I can well imagine how compelling, inspiring, and quite frankly stimulating choreographed sex in zero-G might be in the hands of a skilled and talented cinematographer with appropriate lighting and music."

sex in space

The physics of zero-G make the mechanics of sex more complicated. Bonta said it was challenging even to kiss her husband during a zero-G simulation flight they took recently. "You actually have to struggle to connect and stay connected," she recalled.

Prattle: Zero G? Does that mean there is less likelihood to hit the G spot??

Scuttlebutt: *snorts* Oh I am absolutely sure. It says that it makes everything more difficult!

Prattle: Well that's a no-go for me then... *frowns and crosses arms in front of self*

Scuttlebutt: It would be a no-go for everybody Prattle!

Prattle: You'd have to have great core muscles even to kiss, you'd have to work to stay together!

Scuttlebutt: That's why the aliens are all so dang strong!

Prattle: From all the zero-g no g-spot smaller penis perky boob'd kissing!

Scuttlebutt: *giggles*

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MeadowC said...

Why does NASA have to go and ruin my zero-gravity sex fantasies, huh?? ;) Thanks for the shout-out ladies! I'm so glad you enjoyed my fic. I love irreverent humor. *hugs*