Thursday, February 4, 2010

Str8 pimpin

old pimp

Prattle: Ms Scuttlebutt, guess what I found out this weekend! It's going to sound crazy..

Scuttlebutt: *lowers glasses and looks at you* Anything you say sounds crazy Mrs. Prattle... but go on...

Prattle: *giggles* True, true.. BUT.... I found out that my great grandfather was a acutal pimp!! great grandmother was involved...if you know what i'm saying.

Scuttlebutt: Whot?

Prattle: I KNOW!!

Scuttlebutt: What do you mean he was a pimp? Like... you know...

Prattle: As i heard it from my mother....Ms. Prattle Sr., He pimped her out for money. And she didn't mind!

Scuttlebutt: She didn't mind?

Prattle: Can you imagine your great grandparents doing something like that?

Scuttlebutt: *snorts* Hell no! My grandparents were living in a village! I am pretty sure that I would know about it...

Prattle: *whispers* I think she liked it....

Scuttlebutt: *chokes* Seriously? How did you come to that conclusion?

Prattle: Seriously... How scandalous! Just hearing talk from one relative to another.. Great aunts and great great aunts to my aunt and mom. Do you know the comic "Maxine"?

Scuttlebutt: Nope!

Prattle: Ahh..well she reminds me of my great grandmother. Very sassy, says what is on her mind.. I'll find a comic for you. She's a hoot!

So I picture my great grandfather as an old man, like when I knew him, in a purple fur coat with a wide brimmed hat on.. walking with a swagger up and down the sidewalks of the town asking men if they are looking for a good time.... then pointing to ~~~>

maxine 4

Scuttlebutt: LOL!! Holy hell!!!

Prattle: Ms. Scuttlebutt, this is something I never would have expected. Great Grandparents...who would have known. From what I found out, they were both "black sheep" of their families.

Scuttlebutt: Before or after your grandfather started pimping your grandmother? *grins*

Prattle: The were both very wild...even before! But especially after!

Scuttlebutt: I'm sure they had a blast!

Prattle: It kinda explains a lot looking back.. you never really know your ancestors...even if you knew them.

Scuttlebutt: I even can understand some things about you now Mrs. Prattle *snickers*

Prattle: *glares at you evilly and thumps you on the back of the head with a rolled up newspaper*

Scuttlebutt: Just sayin... *grins*

maxine 3


Reel said...

now why doesn't that surprise me about ur *cough* family. those pervy qualities of ur's had to cum from someone! *ducking*


OH and a word about word verification: FINALLY a word this HUMAN can actually read! *thumbs up*

Prattle said...

I know!! That's what I said, well, not to my mother...but to DH and Scuttlebutt.

We were at a Mexican place, I almost choked on my pollo crema when she asked if I knew that he was a pimp. Fatgirlwithhermouthfullsayswhat?

It's amazing what will come out almost 100 years later, isn't it?

As for the verification, I don't know what they are either.. Maybe Greek since Scuttlebutt set it all up!

CorrinaT said...

Oh my god! LOL The things we learn about family!

BTW... I love Maxine! She reminds me of my grandmother. I have tons of comics of her.

fayezeewayzee said...

I love this kind of story especially when it's about your own family! Now you have a great story to tell people!! ;0)