Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The day the world will end…

Scuttlebutt: I was thinking about the end of days the other day… Everybody speaks about how the world will end in 2012 and I have actually watched the movie too – great CGI by the way but that’s about it - but isn’t there always somebody prophesying about when the world will end and how?

I even remembered some of the movies / TV series having this theme.

Prattle: It wasn’t very good? I wanted to see it..dang.. I have watched a lot on the history channel and biography about Nostradamus and the Mayans, and they creep me out some. There was another “seer”…oh…*googling for his name*…can’t find it. But even as vague as their predictions are I think it’s creepy that they end close to the same time.



Scuttlebutt: In this future, the robots will declare war against all humankind! The “prophet” in this case is John Connor who will send various soldiers to the past to protect… himself *grins*. Wouldn’t that be nice? Time travel? Or space travel… I think I would prefer to travel through space or teleport myself to anywhere I want. I would pay Jensen Ackles a little visit… *winks*

Prattle: You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of the terminator movies all the way through… Teleportation…nice power to have! The best of the two I think. You’d of course pay Jensen a visit *rolls eyes*, and of course I would visit Gerard Butler, just to watch him sleep.. *sighs, drifts into dreamland*

Scuttlebutt: *raises brow* To sleep... yeah, right...



Scuttlebutt: In this scenario, on December 22 of 2012, aliens will colonize earth! The “chosen one” in this case was Mulder – I guess – who was fighting against the cigarette smoking man or else known as "cancer man" and was searching for the truth that is still out there somewhere…and trusting no one.
If the aliens look like what they did in the X-Files… I don’t really want them to colonize earth… I will throw them out of my house for sure. Ugly little things… If on the other hand they would look like Hugh Jackman for example *smirks* I wouldn’t mind them to colonize me any day! *coughs*

Prattle: You did not just say Hugh Jackman!!! *bends over in laughter* You must have been thinking of me when you wrote this! *grins* Did you mean David Duchovny? Who is also another one of the sexy smart men I <3.

Scuttlebutt: No silly! I mentioned Hugh cause he is gorgeous and I wouldn’t mind aliens looking like him, taking over my house… my body… *giggles*



Scuttlebutt: In this case I guess the world has already come to an end as we know it since there isn’t a real world, right? The only nice thing about this whole story is Neo … Yum yum Keanu Reeves! In the end I didn’t really got the whole point of the movie but I liked the Oracle! Hey! It’s ok about the vase… *winks*

Prattle:*sings REM’s it’s the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine….)* Neo... Beautiful Neo..Neo bald, Neo with hair…Neo.. I have loved this man forever! Keanu means “cool wind over the mountain”.. He could blow over my mountains! *cough* whoops, sorry.. *cough* Of all these movies, I think I’m the most afraid of this scenario. To think that nothing is real, nothing was ever real and the beauty we see is all a computer program is horrifying to me. If I was going to be “juice” for an alien race, I hope vampires would be that race…

Scuttlebutt: “Blow wind over my mountain's”??? Bwahahaha *falls on floor laughing* … *coughs and stands, straightening clothes* Ok... Umm...

Prattle: *grins and nods*

Scuttlebutt: You will probably think “What’s the point of this whole babbling?” Well, the question is… would you like to know if the world would come to an end and when? And what would you do?

I would probably spend the rest of my days and money lying on the beach watching the sunrise and sundown while drinking and dancing with my friends and loved ones. Let’s just hope that it will be around summer time cause the humidity would kill me first… *giggles*

Prattle: I would do a LOT of crying.. I don’t want to know when the world will end. I have enough trouble letting my kids get on the school bus and be away from me during school hours, let alone if I knew our days together were numbered. Knowing would be a bad thing for me. I would think about what I didn’t accomplish, I would sink into a horrible depression. I would do the “ugly crying” thing with snot dripping out of my nose, and puffy red eyes, and incoherent babbling. It would not be pretty.

Scuttlebutt: Ok then... I wont tell you if the world is ending.

Prattle: Thanks, I appreciate that...

Scuttlebutt: Um.. Prattle... would you like to come with me to the beach? Bwahaha!

Prattle: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! i know what that is code for... *curls up in fetal position on floor*

Scuttlebutt: *rolls eyes, lays next to you on floor with hands behind my head watching the sunset...*


Natalie said...

Hi Girls.Glad that you create new blog.Especialy you sakixry you know you're my favorite girl.Always following you in every step you make girl.Love you!!!

Chryssa said...

I love you honey!! Thank you for your love and support!

Scuttlebutt said...

And Scuttlebutt and Prattle is thanking you too!

Natalie said...

Always your follower....