Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spa Sunday

Amorous Massage Oil on Spa Sunday

With the weather being cold here what better way to get...warmed.. than a lovers massage?


1/2 cup light oil (canola, almond, safflower)

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Mix together all the ingredients. Let the mixture sit for several hours to allow the oil to absorb the cinnamon and vanilla. To remove any solids in the oil, pour the misture into a clean jar or bottle through a funnel lined with a coffee filter. Cover your container and enjoy. For a stronger scent place a cinnamon stick and/or a piece of vanilla bean inside the container.
Yield: 4 ounces

The massage surface should be comfortable but firm. Professional massage tables work best, but even the floor is a good surface and can be made more comfortable with a thick blanket, an exercise mat, or a comforter. Unless you have a very firm mattress or futon, don't use a bed. Most beds are too soft for an effective massage because they absorb the pressure intended for the body.


Kiwi Astringent

An astringent shrinks the appearance of pores on your face, especially if you have oily skin. It can be harsh to your skin, you should rinse with cool water once you have applied to your face. Then apply a good beauty cream.

1 cup boiling water

1 ripe kiwi fruit, peeled and mashed

1 tblsp vodka

Pour the boiling water of the mashed kiwi in a heavy ceramic bowl and let sit until cool (about 20-30 minutes). Strain the misture well to remove all fruit solids and seeds. Strain twice, once with a fine metal strainer then with a paper coffee filter. Add the vodka to the liquid and stir.

To use: Apply to the skin with a clean cotton pad, then rinse your face with cool water.

No @SassyCorrinaT, it's not a martini.. :D here is a recipe for that, to enjoy either before or after your massage!

kiwi martini

•3 oz vodka or citrus vodka

•1/2 skinned kiwi

•1/2 tsp sugar syrup

•kiwi slice for garnish

Muddle the skinned kiwi with sugar syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and vodka and shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a slice of kiwi.

Let us know what you think!

Scuttlebutt and Prattle, at your service.


reel meggalicious random ramblings said...


How did you know that I love Kiwi? mmmm.

Wrote down your recipe!!

Love you girls!

fayezeewayzee said...

Will be going to this *spot* when I make my grocery list each week! Looks like I will have a new *entertaining* cookbook online! Wheee! What fun! ;0)

Prattle said...

Yay!!! Glad you liked them!!!

hugs to you both!! :)

Scuttlebutt said...

Love it Mrs. Prattle! It's awesome!!

You know guys, if you have no lover to give you a massage, or your lover is lame like mine and wont give you one *snickers* you can always get into the bathtub, put your Kiwi astringent on and drink your Kiwi/Vodka cocktails listening to music! *sighs*
It's relaxing too! LOL

Twisuz said...

Oh yum! I need to try this!