Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Humpday hottie!

Hello friends!

Every week we will present to you a sexy celebrity (yes boys, sometimes a woman too).

Our dear friend and affiliate Theresa aka Rayneattwilight will help us with the video! *wide grin*


Alrighty then... my turn first! Hehe!

Do you know Jensen Ackles? *smirks*

No? *shocked face* NO???

I will punish you for that... *takes out whip*


Mr. Ackles is one of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen in my whole life! *dreamy sigh* Don't you scrunch your nose at me... He is!

Look at those eyes...


Look at this lips...


Look at his hair!


*sighs* Oh my Jensen!

Now look at this video!!

I could spend my whole life just staring at him! *clicks on play button again*

This gorgeous and might I say, VERY talented man, was born in Dallas, Texas (Yihaaaaa!!!) on March 1st, 1978 to Donna Joan and Alan Roger Ackles and has a older brother by 3 years, Joshua, and a sister 7 years younger, Mackenzie! Jensen is a fellow Pisces! Oh yay!

He is notable for his television roles as Eric Brady in Days of our Lives which earned him several Daytime Emmy Award nominations, as Alec/X5-494 in Dark Angel, and as Jason Teague in Smallville. Ackles appears as Dean Winchester on the CW television series Supernatural starring alongside Jared Padalecki (<-- another hottie we'll talk about another hump day).

Jensen is engaged to actress Daneel Harris, with whom he starred together in the movie Ten Inch Hero (That's because he hasn't met me yet...*grins*).

Source: Wikipedia

Let us know what you think. You like this weeks celebrity? Do you too love Theresa's video?? You want to see a presentation of another celeb?

Scuttlebutt and Prattle, at your service!



Thank you Loves!!! I'm so excited to be making Video for Hump Day Hottie's!!!!! Love you Sexy Ladys Too!!! RAYNE

lovetheguys said...

This vid is fabulous; the only problem I have with it is that it contains a lot of manipulations, photos of Jensen's head on the bodies of others. I feel it would have been better to put only REAL photos of Jensen, who is absolute perfection (I've seen him in person) in the vid. Otherwise, the song is terrific (who doesn't want to "get with" this handsome hunk?), and the pix drool-worthy. Love, Robin

Prattle said...

Thud.. *picks self up off of floor*

Well Ms. Scuttlebutt......nicely done! I see the tequila this morning worked in getting your *giggles* :D

Seriously Rayne, I'm girl crushing on your talents right about now.. *blushes*

@lovetheguys sometimes it's hard to tell what is a manip and what isn't..but i think the point of Mr. Ackles being a hottie came across LOUD AND CLEAR! *grins*!

hugs and kisses to my laptop, i my friends! :D

Scuttlebutt said...

@Theresa: Girl you are awesome!! Thank you very much!!!

@Lovetheguys: Thank you so for commenting! We are happy you liked the vid overall. Thank you for pointing out that there are manipulated pics in the video too but as Mr. Prattle said, I too believe the message of Mr. Ackles being a hottie came across loud and clear.

*thinking to myself* How can I not be pudding on the floor right now? Oh wait.. I am writing while being a pudding on the floor... OH MY DEAN!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY JENSEN!!!!! OH MY OH MY ... *drools and moans*

Craftygirl said...

I can't wait till it' my turn!!! *giggles* :)