Friday, January 8, 2010



For those of you in the know...this is not another Twilight blog! I'm sure we'll talk about the Twiguys, but not at any excessive length..*giggles at saying excessive length* We will be talking about any little thing that catches our fancy and we will call them as we see them, no holds barred as it were! You have now been forewarned about some naughtyness and unladylike language! ;)

Movies, TV shows, actors, books, actresses, gossip, music--we have opinions on them all and we want share them with you! If people are talking about it, you can count on us being scuttlebutt's about it too! We will prattle on about anything really, and hope something catches your fancy to comment on.

We won't post updates everyday, please follow us on twitter to be notified of updates! If you want to be an affiliate send us an email..we'll show off yours if you show off ours!

Scuttlebutt & Prattle at your services!

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Scuttlebutt & Prattle said...

Here we are! Yay!!

Thank you Ms. Scuttlebutt for making that wonderfully distracting collage, I won't get a thing done today now!

*note to self: do not let drool drip onto laptop while slobbering on the screen!*