Monday, March 22, 2010

Meg, our friend


In memory of a beloved friend.

No matter if she was Reelhimin, Meg, Meggie, reelhot2touch... she was loved.

Sometimes a comedian, sometimes pervy and always our friend.

She believed her friends could do anything, and would support you to the end of the world.

She would put on a bright shiny face for everyone to see, trying to be positive when it was impossible to think she could.

She is loved, she is missed. Our lives have been changed by knowing Meggie.


Chryssa & Amber


SlipperyWetPanties said...

That was beautiful ~ and I am going to miss her very much *hugsyouboth*

*TIE* said...

Thank you for this tribute to this sweet caring lovely young woman who had so many dreams, and so many hardships.It never seemed to affect her sense of humor or the amount that she loved.
She was so rare, and I feel an immense hole in my heart and soul.
It will be a long time before it will even be partially filled.
Love you, Brenda (Tie)

bellesapepper_37 said...

She touched many people's hearts. Always caring, a warrior, who's sense of humor always made me smile and laugh. I'll truly miss her but I know we'll meet again. Thank you for your tribute to her.

*warm gentle huggles 2 you both*

drinkmoxie said...

that was beautful and all true I will miss meg but I know heaven is a little brighter today

bizeemomma said...


our light has gone out. our hearts are broken. all i do is cry.

meggie: my sister who held me when i was sad; who smiled at me and cheered me up. who gave my children so much love.....who loved freely and asked for nothing in return. i love you. i'll never stop.

thank you.
(robin's daugher)

Editor said...

Beautiful tribute, Amber, Chryssa. Still a little unreal for me. Wake me up someone tell me its all a dream. Ah yes denial follows the shock of loss.

You summed up Meg so well. I just want to cry but I know that Meg is up there on her heavenly cloud with Jordan sending sunshine and rain. Jordan has his Mummy/Mommy. Meg has her baby boy. God bless Meg.

To all those grieving, I am there with you holding you in my arms, comforting you. Blessed Be. My God give you the strength to handle the next few days and then continue holding you up. xxx Andrea

Cheekytiggerbel said...

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful character of a woman.

Meggie/Reely was such a vibrant character on Twitter, and by the sounds of it, in real life too.

As someone summed up in another tribute to meggie, the world is a darker place, but heaven now has a new angel and a new light.

RIP Reely.