Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday's attack of the nosy neighbor's! Our victim is...

Happy Monday everybody!

One day after the Oscar's, we have the honor to interview our sweet friend and affiliate Rayneattwilight!

In the words of The Black Eyed Peas... Let's get it started.... *grins*


1. We know what we call you... What would you like us to call you?

Theresa: Theresa

Prattle: Not Rayne?? Where did that name come from? *scratches head*
Scuttlebutt: Prattle... That's her name! Where have you heard of a girl named Rayne before?

2. How old are you or how old do you want us to think you are?

Theresa: 25 but you can think i am in my 30's

Prattle: You’re 25 but you want us to think you’re older? Mmmmkay..
Scuttlebutt: I know right?? Those young girls... Sheesh.

3. When is your Birthday & what is your star sign?

Theresa: July 25, Leo

Prattle: Ooooh, a Leo.. that explains a lot! *giggles*
Scuttlebutt: You know, when I was younger... *clears throat* a couple of years ago I mean.. I wasn't very fond of Leo's. But that changed after I met my bff Marilena :)) Leo's are great! At least the gal's!
Prattle: Hey, my bff is a Leo too! Yay we like Theresa!!! *big grins*

Symbol: The Lion, Element: Fire, Ruler: Sun
Characteristics: dramatic, dignified, idealistic, ambitious, proud, generous, romantic, overbearing
Leo celebrities: Lucille Ball, Napoleon Bonaparte, Fidel Castro, Bill Clinton, Cecil B. de Mille, Henry Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, Mick Jagger, Carl Jung, Madonna, Herman Melville, Mussolini, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Robert Redford, Arnold Schwarzenegger

4. Do you like cats or dogs? And why?

Theresa: Dogs, they are always happy to see you.

Prattle: *nods head* yes, yes they are!

5. What is your favorite movie and/or book?

Theresa: Favorite book tale of two cities, Movie to kill a mocking bird

Prattle: *hangs head and whispers* I don’t think I’ve read “Tale of Two Cities”, I know it’s a classic.. I DO love TKAMB though! We had to read that and watch in when I was a freshman in high school! “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view--until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” Atticus to Scout. *nods head* true dat Atticus, true dat.
Scuttlebutt: I haven't read the book or saw the movie! I feel like I'm on another planet. Dang...

6. What countries have you visited?

Theresa: Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Poland and the Bahama's and Mexico and Russia

Prattle: Sweet! When did you go??
Scuttlebutt: How long did you stay? Give us some more details!
Prattle: Pics, we need pics!

7. Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?

Theresa: Unicorn tattoo, tongue and nose pierced.

Prattle: And just where is said tattoo???? *raises eyebrow* I have a tramp stamp, do you? *winks*
Scuttlebutt: What on earth is a tramp stamp? And dear God Theresa, how could you pierce your tongue young lady? I would be so afraid to do this... *shivers*
Prattle: A tramp stamp is a tattoo at the very top of that can or can not be covered by your jeans. And piercing your tongue I've heard is to give your partner some added pleasure.. *winks*
Scuttlebutt: Boo you little tramp!*snickers* As for the pleasure... I think I can pleasure my partner without having a tongue piercing thankyouverymuch... no tongue piercing for me!
Prattle: Mwhahahaha!

8. What super-power would you most like to have, and why?

Theresa: I would want to be able to fly, it would make my life easier with all the running I do.

Prattle: Yes, flying is a popular super-power..
Scuttlebutt: I insist... Teleportation! Gimme teleportation. *stomps off to look for a radioactive spider... oh wait.. that was Spiderman right?*
Prattle: *nods at Scuttlebutt* Yes, if you want to climb the walls quite literally find a idea how to get the teleportation thing..
Scuttlebutt: Hmmm... anybody? I need that teleporting power ASAP! Cant drive 2 hrs a day to work and back!

9. Name one thing that not many people know about you.

Theresa: I have been in a hollywood movie

Prattle: Ooooh really????!?! Which one? What is it rated and do you have to go into a secret room to check out the *cough* box?
Scuttlebutt: *snickers* Now now Prattle! *slaps your wrist* Don't be cheeky missy!
Prattle: *shocked look* Ouch..

10. Whats the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

Theresa: That's easy.......why am I up this early, I’m not a morning person. I have to set my alarm an hour before I want to crawl out of bed.

Prattle: I suppose you could rig a cattle prod to the alarm, that should wake you up! *giggles*
Scuttlebutt: I HATE to have to wake up in the morning! Hate hate hate! Ugh!

11. If you could go to one place in the world, where would it be?

Theresa: Greece

Prattle: *nods*
Scuttlebutt: Aww! What's keeping you girlies??

12. Do you prefer shaven ... or unshaven?

Theresa: Unshaven

Prattle: Your legs must be awfully hairy then!
Scuttlebutt: She might not be talking about her legs...
Prattle: Ewwww, hairy pits????
Scuttlebutt: Maybe she is talking about the guy!
Prattle: Well that's different, guys are supposed to have hairy pits...that's ok...
Scuttlebutt: Sheesh... I'm talking about... oh never mind! Pfff...

13. On a deserted island, what one thing would you bring?

Theresa: Swiss army knife

Prattle: Swiss Army Guy? Yep, good choice!
Scuttlebutt: Thats the practical Leo. We Fishies decided to bring men... *giggles*

14. If you could see in black and white and one other color, what would it be?

Theresa: Blue

Prattle: Yay for blue!!
Scuttlebutt: I think its the most relaxing color. And there are so many nice shades :)

BLUE means peace, professionalism, loyalty, reliability, honor, melancholia, boredom, coldness, winter, depth, stability, trust.

15. Standing or on all fours?

Theresa: Fours

Prattle: You’re kitchen floor must be awfully hard to clean, that would break my back!
Scuttlebutt: You know... there are other ways to clean your floor *grins*

16. Hard and fast or soft and slow?

Theresa: Hard

Prattle: Yes, sometimes I’m in the mood for a hard driving one too.. *sighs* I sleep better when we have one.
Scuttlebutt: You sleep better when you have a what?
Prattle: A hard driving RAIN! *mumbles* pervy dirty Scuttle..
Scuttlebutt: Me? A perv? *fakely insulted*

17. What is your favorite food to bring to bed - strawberries, chocolate, whip cream?

Theresa: Strawberries

Prattle: Mmmm… something sweet and tart to suck on!
Scuttlebutt: Uh huh... mind the stains! LOL

18. Ever had sex at work??????

Theresa: Yes

Prattle: Am I the only person to have never had sex at work?? Come on! Geesh…
Scuttlebutt: Well, maybe you should try it!
Prattle: *points to self* HELLLOOOO!! Stay home mom!!!
Scuttlebutt: So you HAD sex at work! Cause thats where you WORK and work IT too *wiggly eyebrows*

19. What is your favorite curse word?

Theresa: Shit

Prattle: Mine too! Yay for shit! *giggles*
Scuttlebutt: Yay for shit? Who says that?

20. What is the funniest or the most awkward sexual experience you've had?

Theresa: Most awkward would have been doing it in the dorm room while your roommate slept in the next bed.

Prattle: Yeah, that would be awkward… *covers eyes* did she wake up?
Scuttlebutt: Do they ever sleep? *grins*

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fayezeewayzee said...

I know I should say something comical,but hummm...I'm thinking I want to comment in a more serious fashion. After being entertained by all 3 of you gals, I came away with wanting to read "Tale of Two Cities" (going to buy it and sit it on top of that pile that I hope to one day actually *get* to read). Secondly, that I want to try and watch To Kill a Mockingbird one day. I say try, because I knew the movie dealt with rape, and I am terribly affected by watching a movie with that subject matter, both mentally and physically. But I want to try.

OK, now for a light hearted moment...Theresa is it? Come over here...step a little put that tounge ring in my hand, before I have to unscrew it myself!!! ;0)


Rayne- love to watch it rain in the evening....Traveled a lot with my grandparent when I was younger then for work..... my tattoo's on my right leg on the outside of my calf...and i was an extra in SUDDEN DEATH and meet Jean Claude Van Damn!!!! loved you comments girls and by the way, I shave just like my men with a little stubbles!!!! Winks