Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Coffee, Tea or Me?


Topless Coffee

Lawful or no, we wish our local coffee shop was more like this.

TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — Pierce County prosecutors filed a charge of unlawful public exposure against a 19-year-old barista accused of wearing only a thong bottom and X-shaped pasties on her nipples. Prosecutors filed the misdemeanor charge Tuesday against the woman who worked at the Bikini Bottoms espresso stand in Puyallup. A passer-by had complained last October about seeing the woman topless.

When a sheriff's deputy went to investigate the woman went to the back of the stand, took off the pasties and put on a bikini top.

The News Tribune of Tacoma reported the deputy confiscated the pasties as evidence.

Source: AskMen.com

coffee love

Prattle: There is one in Maine too, by the way... It must have been a woman that complained, I don't think a man would! Unless they had guys working there.
Scuttlebutt: Well I think that too but I guess the woman only complained because there wasn't any topless man working there too. Teheheee.
Prattle: Well, I did find one man willing to serve coffee topless. Two actually.

My server..

my server

Everyone else's server!


Prattle: Gives a new meaning to "cup size"
Scuttlebutt: LOL!! That's right!

cup sizes

Barista: "What cup size would you like Sir?"
Customer: *looks salivating at boobs* "Ummmm... I don't know... what's yours?"

titty server

Prattle: Do they spray the whipped cream on each other before spraying it in the cup?
Scuttlebutt: Now now! Why would they do that? *giggles*
Prattle: Bigger tits, er..tips..

topless coffee

Prattle: What do they do when the steamed milk spatters? Ouch!!!
Scuttlebutt: You do have a lot of questions, don't you?
Prattle: well yeah...don't you?

steamed milk

Scuttlebutt: What about the Sheriff's deputy? He confiscated the pasties... *giggles*. Imagine that... they go to court and they present them as "Exhibit A".
Prattle: Pastries? Why would they confiscate pastries.. they ARE freaks...good grief! *shakes head*

service with a sile

Prattle: Another gem from askmen.com.. *rolls eyes*
Scuttlebutt: I don't know about you. *grins* I think I start to like them.


pantless too?

Scuttlebutt and Prattle, at you service...topless... but you're makin the bacon!


Editor said...

Tries again, first time it booted me out.
Ok call me a prude at 42 a woman of the 21 C I really can't see why on earth anyone would want their coffee served by a woman in a bikini, unless you where in Brazil and it was spanking hot! I mean the weather not the coffee.
I just think that men, probably a man invented the topless coffee bar, should have their jewels taken off and hung up some where. See how tiny I am thats why I have coffee shops run by topless women. I mean, why should men be allowed to strip to that level. Sadly the woman has little choice, if she needs a job and she wants to eat and she has big bosoms, then yeah she has to do what she needs to do to earn a wage. But men are ass holes for creating such bars.

Reel said...

oh oh oh!
i know this.

it's like hooters meets coffee...would that be cooters or hoffee? not sure.

i drove up to one this summer. and was greeted by Freda from Frederick's of Hollywood. NOT attractive. um no. then to make matters worse there was a Christian radio station playing HOW GREAT THOU ART? in the background. #truth

coffee, tea or me? that is a great movie by the way! mahahaha.

it's true these girls are not so happy about this.

Bacon and SAUSAGE!
*evil grins*

your word verification today is BUSTS? *falls over laughing*

Craftygirl said...

*nods head* agreed

OMGosh, you're kidding! wow... well, I guess she was thinking "Eve" while she was working!

Mwahahaha @sausage!