Monday, May 10, 2010

Attack of the nosy neighbors!

Hello dear friends!

Well today we got one of Twitter's celebrities for you :)

You all know Ginger, right? After nosing around, we found out a few interesting things you might wanna know too!


1. We know what we call you... What would you like us to call you?

Ginger works for me. ;)

Scuttlebutt: Hello Ginger :)
Prattle: I have always liked that name.

2. How old are you or how old do you want us to think you are?

I've been 33 for the past 2 years.

Scuttlebutt: Thats a good age to stop... mhmm... maybe in a few years... hmm...
Prattle: And what is wrong with 35? I remember being 35...I liked 35..I think. Or was that 25?

3. When is your Birthday & what is your star sign?

September 16, and I have no idea what my sign is. For real.

Scuttlebutt: Let me enlighten you! You are a Virgo!

Virgo (23 August - 21 September): Mercury is the ruling planet and the element is Earth. The shades of green, yellow, orange and brown are the colors that bring luck, while the shades of blue promote romance and harmony. Numbers 1, 3, 4, 6 and 8 are the lucky numbers. Wednesday is the best day of the week for a Virgo. The animal symbol is "Magpie". Agate and Hyacinth are the lucky stones. A person born under this sign has an active and analytical mind. They are very observant and organized by nature. Virgo is compatible with Taurus and Capricorn. However, they are least compatible with Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius.

Scuttlebutt: Me and Amber are Pisces *grins*. See? We are compatible. *grins*
Prattle: *scratches head* I don't think that's what you just said there Scuttle..
Scuttlebutt: I didn't mean we are compatible as a couple!! Sheeeeesh!!! I meant as friends!
Prattle: *eye roll at Scuttle* I know that silly! At the end, you say that Virgo's are LEAST compatible with Pisces..oh nevermind..
Scuttlebutt: Oh... erm... errr... but of course! Thats what I meant! *discretely pushes the Backspace button*

4. Do you like cats or dogs? And why?

Cats all the way! I have 6 of them. I will never own a dog. Dogs have that dog smell, and the slobber and the whole barking thing. And you have to take them on walks and pick up their poo off your neighbor's lawns.

Scuttlebutt: You have 6 cats? And you mean they don't have a cat smell? *cocks head to the side*
Prattle: She makes a point about the down side to having a dog and as long as you clean the litterboxes they shouldn't leave a smell. So the smell of the home is a direct relationship to the pet owners own clenliness. Is it me or do I sound like a know-it-all? I think you've called me that before haven't you my dear Scuttlebutt? *winks at you* Some one should really tell me when I just prattle on and on and...Oh! *grins*
Scuttlebutt: Yes, I have... and I wasn't just talking about the poop smell... but cats smell too. Especially if you have many of them. Well anyway. I personally don't think my dog smells. But it could be thats cause I'm used to her smell. Right?
Prattle: And you bathe her often.
Scuttlebutt: As often as she allows us *grins*

5. What is your favorite movie and/or book?

Favorite movie: Predator, Favorite book(s): Harry Potter series

Scuttlebutt: Really?? Predator? Thats interesting. No comment on the Potter series. I love it!! Adore it really!
Prattle: I would have never guessed Predator for Ms. Ginger! I don't think I've seen that movie all the way through... Harry Potter on the other hand, well lets just say i use quotes from it on my Facebook page and leave it at that.

6. What countries have you visited?

Does Canada count? I didn't think so. Mexico, Cayman Islands, Bolivia, England, Ethiopia

Scuttlebutt: Nice :)
Prattle: I would count Canada since they call ham..bacon... Bolivia? Why were you there Ginger?

7. Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?

I have five tattoos. Eventually I plan to get my entire back covered, with no tattoos anywhere else. No piercings yet, but I plan to get my nose pierced very soon.

Scuttlebutt: Why does nobody ever tell us what his tattoos are? *pouts*
Prattle: I don't know! Good question Scuttle... Maybe they want us to use our imaginations. That's not a good idea, is it? *grins*
Scuttlebutt: *shakes head* Oh no, it isn't! LOL

8. What super-power would you most like to have, and why?

The ability to perform magic. (Hogwarts not Vegas)

Scuttlebutt: Oh yes, I would like that too!! Luminus!
Prattle: I think it would be fun to do the Vegas kind too!! I went to highschool with a boy that did magic all the time! He would entertain us with tricks at lunch and in the Green Room of the theatre!

9. Name one thing that not many people know about you.

I almost got kicked out of school for failing 3rd grade. It was a private school so they didn't make me repeat it, but put me on academic probation for first 6 weeks of 4th grade. I didn't like the 3rd grade teacher, so I refused to do the homework or tests.

Scuttlebutt: 3rd grade? *giggles* You must have been a strong headed kid! *thumbs up* I like you!
Prattle: Oh no!! Wow! My daughter will be in third grade this fall and this is not helping me!!

10. Whats the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

What time is it? Do I have time to sleep more?

Scuttlebutt: Yeah... its never enough damn it..
Prattle: I asked my kids once on a silly FB survey "What does mommy do the best?" they answered "Sleep".. I love sleep.
Scuttlebutt: *bursts out laughing* There is a Greek saying. You learn the truth from a child or from a crazy person. Hahahaha!!
Prattle: *nods head* yep... *grins*

11. If you could go to one place in the world, where would it be?

England. I'm an Anglophile. A part of me wants to live there. You know, with the conveniences of Los Angeles, in a quaint English town. #nosuchthing

Scuttlebutt: *giggles* That sounds great though.
Prattle: #onlyinthemovies hey, maybe Mr.G could help with that one!

12. Do you prefer shaven ... or unshaven?

Uh... are we talking about my spouse or me? Yes and no.

Scuttlebutt: This is a kinda psychological test to see how your mind operates. *grins* So take the question as you like.
Prattle: Yeah, we're aaallllll about psychological tests.. No, really it's interesting to see how everyone answers and "where" their mind goes!

13. On a deserted island, what one thing would you bring?

A satellite phone, so I could call for help, and then use it to be on twitter until help arrives.

Scuttlebutt: #twitteraddict
Prattle: I fully expected a "Lost" quote to go here!

14. If you could see in black and white and one other color, what whould it be?


Scuttlebutt: I love purple! Its my fave after blue!! Prattle, what does Purple show for her personality?
Prattle: Purple means power, royalty, nobility, elegance, sophistication, artificial, luxury, mystery, magic

15. Standing or on all fours?

Are we talking about scrubbing the floor?

Scuttlebutt: Exactly! So?
Prattle: But of course!!!! I prefer standing, easier to get the mop into the places it needs to go...
Scuttlebutt: Bwwwwwwahaaaahahahhaa!! *chokes and composes self* But of course... *cough*

16. Hard and fast or soft and slow?

I find that band aid removal is much better when you just yank it off quickly.

Scuttlebutt: See Prattle? People don't only think about rain when reading this question!
Prattle: An answer that a true mother would give!! I've started to hold the band aid and let the kid move their body to remove it!
Scuttlebutt: So they can have their fun with it too!
Prattle: You think it's fun to take off a band aid?
Scuttlebutt: It depends! Is hair involved?

17. What is your favorite food to bring to bed - strawberries, chocolate, whip cream?

I don't eat food in bed.

Scuttlebutt: Of course not! You are a Virgo... clean and neat. Not eating in bed! It could get messy! *grins*
Prattle: Yes, crumbs in bed are not very romantic..

18. Ever had sex at work??????

I'm a stay at home mom, so yes.

Scuttlebutt: You know Prattle, since you are a stay at home mom lately, you should also answer this question with a yes!
Prattle: I take this question a whole lot differently than most I guess. I think of it as working outside of the home!! Cuz if I could find an office job where I could wear my jammies and not have to worry about doing my hair everyday, you could bet your bottom dollar that I'd take it!
Scuttlebutt: What do you mean by "bottom dollar"? The dollar that is in my bottom?
Prattle: My last dollar is my bottom dollar! *giggles* Dear Scuttle, are you a stripper?
Scuttlebutt: If I were a stripper, I would have more money than I do now!

19. What is your favorite curse word?

I don't curse. It's true. My friends love me anyway.

Scuttlebutt: Not at all? Are you sure? Swear??
Prattle: My mother used to tell me it was a person of low intellegence that had to use swear words to express themselves. So I learned a buncha other words to use with the swear words!
Scuttlebutt: Oh I don't believe that! I know a lot of swear words! I have a very big vocabulary of swear words!
Prattle: Yes, that's what I mean too! *wiggles eyebrows*

20. What is the funniest or the most awkward sexual experience you've had?

Uh, could you repeat the question?

Scuttlebutt: *crickets*
Prattle: *points to Scuttle* This question is her idea. *grins*
Scuttlebutt: Always pulling yourself out of it. Pffft... It might be my idea, but you wanted it to stay! *sticks out tongue*
Prattle: *grins and grabs Scuttle into a hug*

Thank you Ginger for participating!! *hugs*

People, you can also find the link to her page on the right side of our blog. She's an Affiliate :)

1 comment:

Ginger Swan said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the feature! I forgot to mention that I just changed my twitter ID to @GSnaps. (I didn't leave Twitter!)

Ok... #4. My cats don't smell. And actually I just got a new kitten, so that makes 7. I am anal about keeping the litterbox clean so most people who walk in the house are surprised I even have 1 cat. Also my cats are all low-shedding/no-shedding.

#5. Yep Predator. I'm a strange kid. Love that movie. It's like comfort food for the soul. ;)

#6. I went to Bolivia for a Service Project with a group of people from my church. Building houses, distributing food for the poor, etc. I was 16.

#7. I've got a smooshed fairy, a native American fairy, wolf, roses in my kids favorite colors and an ancient rune meaning "fearless". (nod to Mortal Instruments books)

#13. Oh I totally #Lost that opportunity when I answered that question. ;)

#16. Also with band aid removal, if you tell the kid you will do it on the count of three, always rip it off at the count of two. ;)

#19. I'm not saying I've never cursed in my life, but they are very rare occurrences and always intentional. In my normal vocabulary you never hear it. You can ask Spank.

Actually the real answer to question #20 is: I've never had a funny or awkward experience. Only awesome. #truth